S2:P27 – My Bucket List.

Season Two: Post Twenty-seven. 

Given the nature of my busy Tuesday schedule, this is probably an ambitious post to write but I’m always one for a challenge. I wrote in my last post about how I want to keep things fresh and interesting on this platform and what better way than to list the goals I wish to accomplish before I ‘kick the bucket’.

A day without miles is a wasted day. (Or a dreaded rest day…)

First of all, let’s talk about training. Miles this morning were 10/10 as always, they will always be the best way to start the day. 8 of the sweetest along the river Ouse accompanied by the delightful sunrise.

Right then, down to business. My bucket list is something that I am forever altering. Whether it is because I become closer to ticking the goals or my attitude towards a certain goal changes, I think it’s the same for any goal driven person. The facts of life mean that your goals and aspirations you had even one year ago can be different to those you have now. Though, with a bucket list, I think the important thing is to keep it relatively general, that way you’ll be giving the bucket a kick with a list full of ticks because you made sure your points were somewhat achievable. However, this doesn’t mean I think goals should be easy, on the contrary, life goals should be the ultimate challenge. It is them in fact, that make life the adventure it is.

So here are 3 goals from my Bucket List, which I have never actually officially written down:

1. To visit all 7 continents.
Currently, I’ve been to 4. Technically I have stepped foot in the Asia (Middle East) during a layover in Abu Dhabi whilst on the way to Australia. Layover’s, however, don’t count (for me at least). Travel being as accessible as it is, I don’t see any reason why I won’t achieve this. Antartica obviously being the big elephant in the room, but as I said above, it should be a bit of a challenge or it’s simply not that interesting.

Me in Australia. 2018.

2. To have a video go viral.
I am not sure why, but for the longest time I have been fascinated with making a video that goes viral. What I mean by that is gather a large amount of views in quick succession. A couple of thousand in a few weeks wouldn’t make the cut, I’m talking a million views over night. Part of the reason I am now regularly uploading content online and more specifically to YouTube is as it increases my potential of having a viral video, even just a tiny bit. Obviously the main reason is so that there is more exposure of what I do out in the public domain but every little helps.

3. To complete a physical challenge beyond the norm.
I suspect that within my lifetime I will complete an Ironman Triathlon. As a matter of fact, it’s quite high up in my to-do list. I have completed 2 road marathons, a 10km swim, numerous triathlons and other endurance events. However, with this I am talking BIGGER. I think swimming the English Channel would be the type of size I’m looking at. Something that nobody is yet to do would be great. At some point I will think of what it is and I’ll do it. Run from where I live to Dover, swim the channel and cycle to Spain… Thats the kind of idea.

Moments after the Great North Swim: 10,000m in Lake Windermere.

That’s all you’re getting for now folks. Three from the big list. All of which, I think could definitely happen with relative ease. Time to manifest these ideas into real life.

Catch ya later.

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