What happened when I blogged every day for 30 days.

Day 30.

Holy crumbs, here we are.

30 days ago, I was flicking through Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist logbook and that day’s activity was to do something every day for 30 days without breaking the cycle. At first, I thought – write a song everyday – but realistically that would be hard to execute due to timing and overwhelming creative pressure. My second thought was – daily vlog – again though, my day to day would have to shift around a lot in order for me to find the time. Also, I’d be giving up addictions and activities that I really don’t want to/simply can’t due to my personality if I was to try and film and edit a video every day. The third idea, the one I went with, was to blog everyday – this I knew would be realistic in the, what was then, empty time frame I have available in a day.

A blog felt ideal; the reason I have the Steal Like An Artist logbook in the first place is to be more productive and put more content out online. A blog serves as a platform to do all that. So, here we are 30 days later and I’ve completed it. A blog a day, written that same day, posted that day, every day for 30 consecutive days. Not a single post missed. One thing to note, just in case you read no further, I am going to continue blogging every day from Monday (15th October) onwards – I’m calling it Season 2, it will last another 30 days.

(Every day ticked. I better make some pizza and eat it I guess)


Anyhow, without further deviation, here it is:
What happened when I blogged every day for 30 days.

1. I got more productive.
The busier you get, the more you do! In the last 30 days, I’ve spent less time on social media and filled all the spare nooks and crannies with productivity. Whether I’ve been working on a creative endeavour, writing this blog, working on tasks in my day job, the list goes on… My mind has just been on a constant tick with fewer lapse moments that before. My ideas have been constantly flowing, and better yet, my ideas have been materialising into actual products/art/work and not just festering as ideas.
I’ve started a YouTube channel and been working on songs as well as videos for it – uploading weekly. My classes at work have felt more interesting and less of a chore. Even when I’m browsing the internet, I’ve been looking for influences or learning new skills in recording or video editing. My whole brain just feels like the wiring has improved and I’m electric with ideas and ways to make them happen.

(Light bulb = ideas.)


2. I’ve started actually working on goals and completing them.
On day 3, I wrote a post on my 10 goals to complete within a year. I have full intention on revisiting them exactly 365 days after the date that post went up. I know I will have already completed several as they are currently in process.

– Goal number 1: to start putting more creative content online. This meant I started a YouTube channel and have been uploading a song/video every Wednesday since and I will continue to do so, at least until Christmas. I may even start putting some vlog-style videos up too.

– Goal number 2: to run a sub-3-hour marathon. I am looking at entering the Seville Marathon in February – it’s a flat course and that’s enough time to train up.

– Goal number 6: to travel to a new country. My girlfriend and I have booked flights to Estonia for a 4-day excursion at the end of this year – so that’ll be that one ticked.

The others are all in progress too but I won’t go into too much more detail.

3. I ran 218 miles.
I am addicted to fitness, and more specifically running. Running is a true love of mine and has been for a solid 6/7 years. I have posted several running stories in the last 30 days and, as any of my loyal readers will know, I typically run 6/7 days a week (unless I’m swimming/cross training). Although it is for pure enjoyment and mental release, it is genuinely an addiction and you don’t want to know what I’m like on days where I don’t get my fix. 218 miles is a pretty long way; I work in a town called Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire),Newcastle is 218 miles from here.

(My love, my treasure)


4. I got a website.
This has been an idea of mine for a while and I’m so happy that by doing this 30-day challenge it has materialised. The hardest thing any creative can do is turn an idea into something real. Taking that thought or plan from 0 to 1. Sometimes, all you need is a little incentive.

The blog is now live on benedictgolde.com which is the wordpress site you are currently on. Season 2 of the blog will be live at this address too and it starts on Monday (15th). I plan on starting an online store to sell art for charity on this site – this is part of my goal list – so stay tuned for that.

(Steal post-it-notes.)


5. I got addicted.
I have an addictive personality. There are a few activities I do in my life, that if I don’t do, I feel it: Mood swings, low motivation, sulking, bad temper – like a smoker desperate for a cigarette. If I don’t get my fix, I am horrible to be around and I feel terrible. Writing this blog has become a daily habit that I think about a lot. This is why, not only do I want to carry on, I think I need it – it’s a release and my mind has decided to slot it on the shelf alongside running, good food and song writing.

(Songwriting church on Sunday mornings.)


There we have it; the final post of Season 1. Thank you so much to Austin Kleon for sparking this little idea to create the flame we see before us. Also, thank you to all that have read a post, liked a status and watched the videos/listened to songs.

15th october 2018

Season 2 will commence on Monday 15th October, yes – I am taking 2 days for recovery (everything can be related to athletics).

Season 2 is set to bring some amazing stories – more than anything because I leave for America on Friday 19th – I’m excited to see what happens in 32 days’ time.

Peace & love y’all – have a great weekend.

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