S2:P1 – Blog goals for the next 30 days (I need suggestions)

Season 2: Post 1.

Here we go again. Who would have thought that when I started a challenge to daily blog for 30 consecutive days that I would be doing it again with only a 2-day interval! Not only that, but I also now own a website and only have more plans to take this platform forward. The hardest part to any plan or idea is the execution, and in some way, it is more important not to plan or think too much about an idea – just get on with it. Most ideas and plans will create themselves as you go – this blog is the perfect platform to allow that to happen.

That’s why, whilst I was churning out a 2 mile swim this morning and thinking about what to write, I was still a little clueless as to what today’s grand opening to season 2 should be about. Then I arrived at work, sat down with my porridge and 2nd coffee of the day and realized that I should set myself a goal list for the next 30 days. Hopefully it should act as a sort of ideas panel that I will then execute over the next 30 days.

(Today is a wet and grey day but this picture of Saturday’s sunrise is too good. I guess it represents the start of the day/the start of season 2’s blog posts.)

5 Blog goals for the next 30 days:
1. To open an online store.
To have an online business has been a goal of mine since I was a little youth. I used to want to be one of those MySpace t-shirt designers who sold hilarious designs to nu-ravers (or whatever the clique was back then). Unfortunately, it seemed that many others shared this vision and now the internet is full of independent clothing stores. However, using my website and blog, I feel I could sell art/creative content and perhaps to create more of an incentive, I was thinking of selling for charity – all profits go to a cause. Any suggestions of what you would happily buy in the name of charity, please let me know.

2. To successfully continue daily blog updates whilst in the USA.
That’s right folks, for 10 of these precious 30 days, I’ll be in the states living it up with my fellow band mates and those rascals in Riskee & the Ridicule. I’ll be running every morning, diving into swimming holes, playing shows, eating pancakes and exploring the depths of Walmart. I plan on sharing it all. I’ll be equipped with my iPad and keyboard ready to go. It’ll be a great way of any band followers to stay up to date with what we get up to, as well as a fun insight to my regime of training whilst on tour. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to share, also any recommendations of places we should go – the places/dates are on the poster below.

(This is a picture from Florida last year. Swimming and Running in the AM.)
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

3. To have gained a bigger following:
Part of the reason I like blogging is that it isn’t a case of trying to receive likes and follows because there isn’t a follow button or gauge as such. That said, I have been checking my website’s analytics and visitor numbers. As the blog goes on, they do seem to be increasing to a degree but I want to make sure things don’t get stale and drive people away. Blogging has become somewhat of a selfish therapy so it wouldn’t stop me from doing it, but building more of an audience is part of the overall goal for all my creative content so it makes sense for this platform to have one that is growing. Again, any suggestions of things you’d like to see or have me write about in aid of this, then send them my way!

4. To have reached 100 subscribers on YouTube.
Supposedly the hardest number to reach on YouTube is 100. Anything after 100 gets easier because people can already see you have a following. I know this is similar to the last goal but through this blog and my weekly video uploads, I would hope that my readers would be loyal enough to give my YouTube channel’s subscribe button a click. I have 2 songs recorded for both this week’s upload and next week’s upload – I’m so organized that I knew I should probably prepare the upload for the week I am in America. Both songs are originals. That’s got to be worth a subscribe and maybe a recommendation to a friend?

5. To collaborate with someone.
The best thing we can do as creatives is collaborate with one another. Share ideas, create content as groups and not just individually hammer away in the creative depths of our minds. Collaboration can bring out ideas in you that you never would have been able to think of by yourself. Recently I’ve been writing songs with a good friend of mine, he doesn’t play guitar, but he gives me suggestions that I would never think of playing – it makes me a better writer and we end up with a product that is unlike anything either of us would have been able to think of or make by ourselves. I’m not sure how a blog collaboration would work or what it would look like but if it’s on the goal list then it has to happen. So, if you want to collaborate then give me a shout.

(A track represents #GOALS right?!)


Bonus goal:
To run more miles than I did in the last 30 days. In Season 1 I ran 218 miles. I’m cross training a lot this week so it might not happen but that’s why it’s a bonus goal…

There we go folks, post number one. If you’ve read this far you’ll hopefully have seen that I would like some suggestions – so please, fire away.

Over and out.


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