When a situation gets gnarly.

Day 29

It’s the second to last day of the 30-day challenge! When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would become as much of an obsession as it has for me. The biggest surprise for me has been just how therapeutic putting thoughts into words is. I’ll save the “what blogging for 30 days has taught me” post for tomorrow as I’m in a bit of a rush today.

8 miles along the river as usual this morning, after a very unusual evening’s worth of events. I don’t know how appropriate it is to tell the story, but in the name of therapy, I feel as though it would be good for me just do a brief overview of what happened, I’ll just leave out the grizzly details.


Yesterday evening is a tale of what felt like a totally normal, average day, that quickly deteriorated into something quite gnarly. It’s crazy how an everyday situation can suddenly become so far removed from the usual in just a matter of seconds.

I left the gym, having had a somewhat hectic day. One solid session later, I got home – showered, packed my bags for today, said a brief happy birthday to my Dad (it was his b’day yesterday) and then headed to pick up my girlfriend. We then drove to my Nans for dinner. I typically go to dinner at my Nan’s every Wednesday and eat her out of house and home (or what is a pretty standard meal for me).

However, upon arriving to my Nan’s last night it was clear she wasn’t right and without going into much detail, the night quickly turned into what felt like a TV show/film.

Sorry to go heavy on ya for the second to last post of the season but it was a night I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Family is so important, and setting aside time for family and loved ones is essential. Don’t get so wrapped up in the busy hustle of life that you forget to make time for those who matter most.
Last post of the season tomorrow, then I’ll be taking Saturday and Sunday to recover – Season 2 starts Monday. Get excited and subscribe to my YouTube!

Peace & prosperity to all,

Your pal,

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