30 days, 10 songs: Days 4, 5 & 6

Yo, 3 days is a lot to write about. So I will try to keep it as brief as possible. See this as a highlight reel of the ups and downs of song writing and creativity.

Firstly, if you are reading this and thinking “what the hell is 30 days, 10 songs?” Then you need to go back 2 or 3 posts and clue yourself up. Or, for your sake only, the basis is that I am currently challenging myself to write 10 songs across 30 days; writing, record and releasing a song every 3 days. So far 2 have come out and 3 have been written (it’s day 7).

You can download the songs for free here and you can follow the journey by daily update here.

Fuel for the machine. This is a picture taken from a while ago but it fits the “work” theme well.

So let’s get stuck in with the update about the past few days:

Day 4

Day 4 was the last time I updated this blog and, if you read it, you can see that things were (and still are) on an all time creative high. The creative energy is flowing at the moment, I’ve never really felt anything life it. I feel electric and keep getting tingly fingers, which doesn’t go away even when the coffee has worn off.

A conversation that Laura and I had the night before got me thinking a lot about getting away to a beach and just letting the good times roll. I decided that song 2 should be about this very premise. The lyrics are even reference the very conversation we had.

Day 4 was smooth as smooth. A demo down ready for the memory test, something I like to do with songs – an old singing teacher of mine used to call it the “postman’s whistle test”. It’s a test to see if you can remember the melody and that it stick in the mind even after many hours of not listening to the song or perhaps would the postman be whistling it in the morning whilst doing the deliveries? I got a strong feeling that this one would have the postman whistling, grooving or maybe even sacking off his shift and leaving to the tropics.

A good day all round.

Day 5

When I woke up on Day 5 my eyes struggled. They felt as if they wouldn’t quite open. I really don’t enjoy staring at a screen but unfortunately this challenge has left me with no choice but to double my screen time. I took my weary eyes as a sign to have Day 5 as a day of “inspiration” that avoids all screens.

It was a successful day and something I plan on implementing throughout the challenge. Too much screen is not good for creativity or anything for that matter. When was the last time you took a full day off the screen? Try it. You’ll feel better.

Song 2 – “To The Beach” out now!

Day 6

Due to Day 5’s screen break, I had’t actually recorded the song properly which meant for an ambitious day. I love that feeling, prior to a busy day, the stress of having to do something you love and care about vs. the stress of something you don’t is incomparable. Low and behold, by the end of the day the song was recorded and released and I’m really proud of it.

I’ve been going into detail on the process of writing these songs on my Instagram stories so I highly recommend you start tuning in. my podcast which is out every Wednesday (new episode tomorrow!) also takes an in-depth look at how my mind likes to function when it’s high on creativity.

Over and out

Everything that is going on at the moment is exactly what I love doing. It’s what I feel my truest Self was born here on Earth to do. That might sound like a very hippy thing to say and maybe I am just a hippy at heart. I want to worm my way into making this my full time wage paying job and I intend to do just that, if anything I intend to make it happen sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for the update of the next few days and in the mean time head to Instagram and BandCamp.


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