30 days, 10 songs: Days 7, 8 & 9

It’s day 10 already, 3 songs are out and I already have song 4 demoed and ready to record. This challenge is bringing depths of creativity that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt. It’s so true; the creative muscle is much like any of the physical counterparts to the body, the more you work it the easier it gets. Once you’ve birthed one idea it becomes a whole lot easier to work out the second, then the third and so forth. Incredible what the human mind can do.

I really hope that the few followers who are following along this creative journey are getting inspiration from this to challenge themselves creatively. If you’re reading this from the future then I only hope it is because this challenge has delivered me into new realms of recognition for the work and efforts I continue to put into this challenge. Not that I’m doing it with that as the incentive. I’m doing this and will continue to do it because it’s a necessity. If I’m not stimulating that creative muscle then I’m a shell of my true self. Much like the ancient Japanese samurai felt it important to incorporate daily art and creativity into their schedule in order to practice being a better warrior, I feel that we all should be exercising creativity because it makes you feel good, it makes you a better human and its so much fun!

Anyway, I’m letting the coffee do the talking so let me get on with the update.

Day 7

Day 7 was an intense day. I’d spent the evening before chilling with Laura by just jamming on the guitar. We’d been for a long walk and we were pretty depleted, sleepy and in need of a rest. I was playing the guitar with no real intention like I sometimes do, when I started to play a riff that really reflected the mood. It sounded heartfelt and added an element to the mood of the situation which ignited the love I feel for her. I knew from this that the riff needed to be the next song.

The morning after I started writing a song around the riff. Setting up my recording equipment as I have been doing every day of this challenge, I started to feel like I could already hear a chorus and within about 20 minutes I had a full song of chords with a melody in mind.

Around mid-day Laura and I went for a walk. As we set off I said to myself, “whatever this conversation is, the words will be the lyrics.” We immediately started talking about life and the future in the deep and powerful way that Laura and I like to. These words ended up being the lyrics that have become the song “Fly” which is song number 3 of this challenge. Upon returning, it took a few run through’s and a couple of rewrites, but before long the song had been birthed and I was excited.

Day 8

At the start of every day I journal. I write the date, I write a paragraph on how I’m feeling and then I write my to-do list for the day. Day 8’s first “to-do” was to record the song properly. After waiting for the washing machine to finish whirring around, I set up my equipment and got right to it.

I love how grassroots this challenge is, to the point that I am having to wait for the washing machine to stop so it isn’t featured in the tracks. I can’t wait for these songs to be up on Spotify and Apple Music, hopefully in circulation across a fair few musical devices across the world, it will be funny to know that if people listen carefully they’ll be able to hear the subtle sounds of construction that are currently going on in the area we live.

By the end of day 8 the song was recorded and I played it to Laura. She instantly asked for a repeat and I could see a tear in her eye. A good sign. I’m so happy with the way the song has turned out and I honestly can’t wait for more people to hear it. It’s up by the way (it’s day 10 that I’m writing this) so make sure you’ve listened/downloaded – link here.

Day 9

The best thing about Day 8 is that it was super productive so I didn’t have to think too much on Day 9. A quick making of the video and an upload to YouTube and Bandcamp and I was done. I released the song at 5pm last night and so far the response has been great.

I spent my ‘spare’ time yesterday rehearsing for tonight’s live stream and tomorrows live show – Jesus Green, Cambridge at 3pm if you’re interested. I also decided to start writing song 4 after being inspired by a technique I like to use sometimes when song writing. The technique is where you use book titles to create lyrics. I did just that yesterday and what started as a bit of fun quickly manifested into writing song 4.

It’s great because I have a busy weekend up ahead so today I can record song 4 and then worry less about it for Sunday’s release.


This challenge is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is stuck in a creative rut or just fancies having a go. It’s honestly bringing out the best in me. Anyway, 20 days to go, 7 song releases left.

Let’s do this.

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