30 days, 10 songs: Days 2 & 3

Well, it’s day 4 today but I thought I’d summarise days 2 and 3 of my songwriting challenge today. I was supposed to do this yesterday but I’d spent most of the day staring at the screen and the health implications didn’t warrant getting this done.

Before I begin the summary, it’s day 4 today which means I released my first song of the challenge yesterday. You can find it on the video below and I’ve linked where you can download it (for free).


Day 2

Oh man, one of those days where things just fell into place. I love being creative and prioritising it as an activity. It puts me in a mental state like none other, I truly believe it is me being my truest self. For you Yogi’s, I genuinely feel like creating music takes me out of my ego and into my Self (with a capital S).

I managed to record the entire song that I’d demoed on Day 1. The ideas flying through my mind, often faster than i can handle but that might be due to my old caffeinated pal, coffee. Once I’d finished I played the song to Laura and she ended up putting on repeat. Good signs all round.

It was at this point that my creative drive got me so high that I started thinking of more ideas which have proved to be very useful today (day 4) as they laid the foundation for song number 2. Good times.

Sing it.

Day 3

A final few tweaks on the mix, making sure it sounded semi-okay through laptop speakers and the song was ready for release. I’m dead proud of it and I think it’s a cracking intro song to the challenge and what will be the mini-album titled “30 days, 10 songs”.

Yesterday was one of those days which seems typical of a Friday in that I felt a little burnt out. Perhaps the past few days of creative stimulus and also some heavy morning workout’s were to blame but it meant I had little energy for the Friday live stream. I hope that didn’t come across too obviously (let me know if you were watching).

I still enjoyed every minute of it.

What’s good is that I have woken up today feeling full of life and ready for more creativity. I’m loving this challenge and the stimulation I’m getting off it.

If you’re ever in a rut and want to solve it, then challenge yourself – whether thats in sports, health, creativity or food alike.

I’ll be checking in again real soon with more updates.

Hope y’all are well.

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