I just want to write with a pen.

I’m becoming more and more of a lover for the pen on paper. I have recently started a fresh journal. Putting pen to the paper and writing my tasks for the day down, notes to remember, comments and goals for the time ahead is honestly the most refreshing feeling.

My journal is epic.

There’s no headache or eye strain involved. There’s no getting distracted by opening another tab on an impulse that I’m not really sure is necessary. There’s no algorithm hooking me to an advertisement disguised as a self-help guide. It’s just raw and free. If a mistake happens then it has to be and I let it slide. There’s nothing correcting me and thats maybe because there is no right or wrong. There just is.

I started journaling the same week I started this blog, which coincidentally was exactly a year ago yesterday. I wouldn’t say that I’m any more or less organised because of it, as I tended to be hot on organisation and planning before. However, what it did give me is a huge release in an organic sense. Writing by hand and typing on a computer is a bit like the difference between homegrown vegetables and those you bought in Tesco. It’s the same idea, but one just tastes so much better and is full of nutrient and sustenance.

Make art out of everyday.

If you haven’t started journaling then I encourage you to do so. If you don’t have neat handwriting then take your time and you’d be surprised how quickly you improve. Make it decorative, make it fun. Get yourself an incredibly hilarious looking paperback from Paperchase, or better yet make your own from an old notebook. Just starting writing things down and enjoy the thrill of seeing ink blot the lines as you form the characters and symbols that we know to be language with your fingers.

My advice for the day. Take it or leave it.

Happy journaling.

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