Am I doing the right thing?

How often do you ask yourself this question? How often do you have to make decisions on a daily basis that pose a right or wrong situation? I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I’ve deep dived into this idea a few times in life and as I’ve grown older I’ve come to some conclusions.

If in doubt, climb a hill.

First off, when making a decision, question why it is you feel one decision is right and the other is wrong. So many times are we subject to feel like one decision is right and one is wrong. For example, the decision to read a book over watch a documentary, depending on your personal preference, how you were raised to think, your education level and/or learning style – you probably feel that one decision is right and the other is wrong. However, perhaps neither is right or wrong and its all a matter of opinion and perspective. Obviously, this doesn’t work for all decisions as some directly effect people or you in a positive or negative way but a lot of typical daily decisions actually stand to have two options that are neither a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’.

Secondly, I’m a genuine believer in the idea that your gut feeling is a good judgement of what decision to make. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am someone who is constantly in touch with my body through relentless exercise, yoga and meditative thought so perhaps I have a better sense of when my gut is being genuine or my head is pretending to convince my body of that feeling. However, most of the decisions that I did not feel went in the right direction, I’ve always had a gut sense upon making them that it wasn’t perhaps the right thing to do. Mood and surroundings have a lot to play here but also, these are both important aspects to consider when making decisions so should not be overlooked.

If still doubt, go for a run.

Third and finally, my 27 and three quarter years on this planet so far have taught me that theres almost always an opportunity to change the decision you have made, to alter the path. If you feel you have made the wrong decision, you don’t even necessarily have to go back on that decision but you can instead make a new decision to change direction.

Through these points I have come to the conclusion that questioning a decision as being the right thing to do is no longer valuable and actually the better question to ask yourself is ‘By making this decision, what do I want from it and what am I actually getting from it?”.

Never stop questioning but always keep moving.

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