There’s nothing miserable about the rain. The rain itself is just liquid falling from the sky, providing life and essentials to the life that resides here on earth. Why then do we hold so much emotion to the rain? Why would it create a dampened mood?

Here’s a pic from the move cos I’m posting this a day late.

I love the rain. I know, right, weirdo. But I genuinely do. It’s my favourite weather to run in, the moment you allow yourself to just get drenched you feel free and liberated. The rain cools your skin and it gives your hair a sweet slick that reminds you how the social constructs we live amongst are the reasons you care about your hair style in the first place. The rain is a reminder of how nothing really matters except love and wellbeing.

This morning it is raining. The only qualm I have about it is that today is moving day and there may be a few moments where I am caught trying to lug a wardrobe out of a car into the new flat whilst it gets hammered with H2O. Not ideal for the wood but still, I’m sure it will survive. The rain brings a rejuvenation and keeps everything fresh, we need that in life. We don’t need to purge so much doubt and unhappiness through the weather. People at work this morning use negative words such as ‘depressing’ or ‘miserable’ and I can’t help but feel the use of these words pushes the negative energy into the atmosphere. Well, I’m here to combat that with the ideology that rain is a positive. I’m going to spend today using positive terms to describe the weather because that way I keep the atmosphere around me positive.

First meal in the flat – Nando’s

Rain rain, don’t go away, do what you need to do.

PS. I move in at 12:30pm. Half day at work for me…

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