Life update #1

Oh my, oh my. Rollercoaster of emotions this week. Not an extreme rollercoaster, more like a tame local theme park’s rickety fun ride than some ludicrous machine in Alton Towers. Still though, I’ve felt the ups and downs this week and my best solution is to write about it on the internet.

Life is a rollercoaster.

This week has been good on the whole. Mostly my life is really good and compared to most I probably seem to have my shit together good and proper. Running is good, swimming is good, I’ve had some savage workouts, I’ve been doing Yoga everyday but haven’t made a hot pod class (except I’m going this evening as well as Saturday and Sunday). We moved out this week to a plush new flat that we are going to be renting for the next 12 months, we’re short on furniture but we’re getting there. Work has been fun but there’s been some bits of this week that just haven’t quite clicked as well as usual.

Let me start at the beginning of the week and put this post into some form and order.

Monday: I woke up at Laura’s parents, which is where I was living up until Tuesday, and hit my usual morning run. It felt good and was nice for my legs seeing as I swam both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Work was a good and I felt pretty on top of everything. Post-work I hit the gym with my training buddy, as well as workout we tend to go real deep into philosophical thought which isn’t always ideal where you’re mid kettlebell swing. It was a good day all round and I can’t really find any negatives within it.

Still running the yellows ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Tuesday: Move day! Incredibly feeling on my morning run, knowing that the day would end with me falling asleep in the new flat next to a beautiful lady. Work was also really good and I spent the morning inspiring learners to the point that I could feel the enthusiasm in the walls of the classroom. I only worked half the day and spent the other half moving stuff from house to flat. Surprisingly it was less of a headache that worrying had been. I could say how we had to lift a bunch of furniture up 2 flights of stairs but I often volentarily do similar activity in the gym so I guess I can’t really make a case.

Wednesday: The first night in the flat was a bit of a laugh. We don’t have a mattress yet so have not set up the bed. The mattress has been ordered and is coming on Sunday so it’s not too long to be sleeping on a roll mat on the floor. The only problem that occurred within the sleep was we left an extractor fan on and the noise kept waking me up. The problem was that we weren’t aware that we could switch the extractor fan on and off. Luckily we can and it hasn’t been a problem since. I had a nice morning swim but something just switched within me during the lengths. I sensed something was coming my way at work and upon arriving I was right. Pressure at work is never fun but the way I’m wired means instead of complaining or running away, I face it all head on and almost see it as a challenge. Unfortunately I think some people see this as a cocky, over-confident trait when all it is is my coping mechanism to deal with extra stress. That and yoga…

Thursday: Yesterday;s run was good and gave me a lot of perspective. I thought about work and the new found pressures. The thing with workload is its only ever hard to start with, you soon get used to having that amount to do and you find that it’s manageable then get used to it as the norm. The way you approach it has to be with an open mindset. If you want to have free time and you want to make sure you get a work-life balance then you need to be organised and make sure you prioritise what you need to do. I suddenly realised that perhaps what is happening at work isn’t a band thing and maybe just means that in my break times I have to be even more efficient. Like I said, I like a challenge and my employers can watch me boss this.

This is life now ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป so good!

Friday: Today has been nice. I don’t like to adhere to the construct of the week. I don’t like giving days a ranking order in which you look forward to certain days or times. I’ve had incredible Monday’s and I’ve had incredibly Friday’s but today I’m enjoying that its Friday. This week has been memorable and like I said, its been good for the most part. Just a little bumpy.

I’m excited for the weekend and to really spend some time in the flat. Get a bed and a sofa too. I’ll give you another update soon.

Peace and love.

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