Tomorrow I finally move out.

On February 19th 2018, I moved from my humble little studio flat in Bushey where I’d been living by myself, back to my parents house in Cambridgeshire. At the time it felt bitter sweet to be leaving the Hertfordshire-London boundaries; I’d established a life there that not many people who I currently associate with have any idea about. Friends, work colleagues, running pals, fellow musicians and band mates made up my circles and I spent most of my time running through the fields and around lakes close by. It’s a strange feeling as none of my close circles now include any of the people I once knew so well. It is a past chapter of my life and it fills me with nostalgia to think that its already over and I’m in a new chapter. That’s not to say that this chapter I’m in right now isn’t equally (if not more) exciting. It’s 100% a good place to be. I think Ferris Brueller said it right, “life moves pretty fast…”. Before you know it, you’re already in the middle of the book.

Where I used to live, post run.

The period that has followed this past chapter has been a bit of an interlude in terms of accommodation but I’m feeling pretty established in terms of everything else. I’m as settled as can be back in the fields of Cambridgeshire. Running along the river, around the lakes and through the meadows is still a common feature, only it’s a little flatter here. My friendship circles are new faces but I’ve reached that period where the relationships have deepened enough for me to consider these faces good friends and new family. It’s a good time.

Also taken just before I left Bushey.

What makes it more exciting is that tomorrow, Laura and I, move to a flat. We’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster in terms of moving out. What started with buying a two bedroom house, looping back through and staying under the roof of her parents, is now finally going to result in us having our own place to dwell. Exciting times.

Moving in starts tomorrow and we’ve already established that we have to use an air bed for the next few nights. Not ideal but still, too exciting to do any more nights at parents.

I’ll keep y’all updated on how the move goes.

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