Euro trip day 8: The best education is to travel.

I forgot to mention in my last post about the fabulous gelato we had after our pizzas so I thought I’d better mention it before I get on about the following day. I’ve had many many gelato scoops in my time, during our road trip of Italy I think I had a 3 scoop every other night for 2 weeks, this one in Germany was up there with the best.

Lick then take a pic.

Our next morning we both laced up our trainers and even Laura took to the river for a few miles of running. I hit a pacey 14km and I remember it as a bit of a stand out run as I put a few race pace km’s in there. Our Airbnb had this incredible view from the front door. You literally cannot beat views, I heard Joe Rogan say that no matter how rich or poor you are, where you are in life, how down or up you feel, a view will always be spectacular. I just love the idea of one day owning a house or dwelling that has an incredible view. I’d like that dream to become a reality before I retire, a sooner rather than later kinda deal please.

After a run and a few yoga poses, we took to our first ‘detox’ breakfast. Now Laura and I are health and fitness nerds, we aren’t really people who have poor nutrition or live unhealthy lifestyles but we decided to take 7 days of our road trip and detox on sugar. This was pretty easy as neither of us consume vast amounts of sugar. What it did mean however, was our treasure load of Ritter Sport chocolate had to stay in its chest until the week was over. This meant our porridge mix in’s became the classic fruit mixture with organic cacao powder, that I’d brought with me for precisely this reason. Obviously it wasn’t really a match for the Ritter Sport mix in but I acquired some almond and peanut butter which made for a delicious energy packed breakfast.

We headed into the romantic town of Gengenbach which is really pretty. The buildings are instagram perfect and all have a rich history. One thing I have learned from various road trip’s that we have been on over the years is that if you want to explore and learn about a town quickly and cheaply then head straight to the tourist information and find a ‘free walking tour guide’ booklet. Most of the time they have one but if they don’t then I usually pick up a free map and look up on my phone what the ‘points of interest’ are and then tally out a route. Gengenbach had a great walking tour booklet that came complete with historic facts and information on each point of interest. It’s a cool place and I recommend it for anyone that heads that way. Just maybe get the pizza to-go (if that doesn’t make sense then read the last blog post).

After our Gengenbach excursion we searched up for local pools in the area and what we stumbled upon was absolute gold. We headed to a place in Offenberg which was a sports complex with 7 different swimming pools. I should mention that the weather was spectacular, hitting highs of 35 degrees. The complex must have been newly built and couldn’t have been open long and it was clean and in pristine condition. The pools included an indoor 25m lane pool, 2 indoor recreation pools with floats, a diving pool with 3 diving boards, a childrens outdoor leisure pool, another outdoor leisure pool with a slide and then, our favourite, a 50m outdoor lane pool. For Laura and I, this place was paradise. We sunbathed, read our books, chilled out in the leisure pool and then before we left for dinner we smashed a 2km swim in the outdoor 50m pool.

Germany definitely know whats up when it comes to sports complexes and this trip was an education in what we should probably be doing in the UK in terms of encouraging people to be more active.

We headed back to our Airbnb, taking in the view when we arrived. Then we made a delicious vegetarian dinner. Although we had not decided at the time, meat-free became part of our detox.

Another delicious day in the Black Forest.

Stay tuned for more.

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