Euro trip day 7: Europa-Park!

The last time I went to a theme park was when I was 11 years old on a cub scout camp. I spent the whole day having an anxiety attack after I had eaten some inedible gummy worms that I’d purchased in the entrance joke shop of Alton Towers. Well, at the ripe old age of 27 and a half years I found myself packing chickpea-wraps into my bag for a day spent at one of Europe’s most famous theme parks – Europa Park!

Prior to leaving I had my last morning run in Bad Herrenalb as this was also the day that we left to our next destination. We had booked another Airbnb which was just outside Offenberg near a quaint town called Gengenbach. Our thinking behind going here was; 1. it was nice and near Europa park which meant we could spend the day there without worrying about a long drive afterward and 2. it was still in the Black Forest which we had started to fall in love with due to its incredible hikes, views and general outdoors vibe.

We started our morning with a Ritter Sport bar in our classic porridge mix and then headed off to experience what Europe has to offer in terms of rollercoasters. As I have said, I went to Alton Towers when I was 11 but did not participate on any rides as I was too concerned about the fact that I thought I was about to get down on my death bed and sing my sorrows away. Luckily for me I was just experiencing what I later learned is a panic attack… Anyhow, this meant I was excited and a little apprehensive to experience the exhilarating thrill of going upside down on a roller coaster.

Upon arriving at Europa Park my immediate attention was not to the crazy rides but just how many people I was suddenly surrounded by. It was as if the humble green trees of the forest were suddenly replaced by human beings making questionable nutrition choices and equally as disastrous fashion decisions but I made do without trying to judge too much and focused on the rides.


We went on everything that looked worth it. I experienced going upside down on a rollercoaster for the first time and by far my favourite ride was the Silver rollercoaster which is supposedly the highest in Europe. I didn’t enjoy the queue too much but figured it was part and parcel of the experience. The people watching made up for the waiting. The Europa Park app I actually thought was a really good touch and if you do find yourself visiting this area then I recommend it a way to navigate your way around.

A good time all round in the amusement park but I didn’t really anticipate how turned around my stomach felt after the rides were done.

Lol 2.

We arrived late to our next AirBnb with no shopping as it was a Sunday and we’d forgotten that Germany has a proper rest day on a Sunday and nothing is open. On our Airbnb host’s recommendation, we went to a local pizzeria in Gengenbach which had the most outstanding pizza I have had in a while but unfortunately the service came with a snobby snide which I wasn’t really a fan of.

We hit our hilarious German beds and fell straight to sleep. I say German beds are hilarious because they are usually twin beds that are pushed together with separate duvets. I guess German couples aren’t into spooning…

On with the adventure…

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