Euro trip day 9: Take your bubble with you.

Often when I tell people about my travels and the tours, road trips and various adventures that I’ve experienced, they’re surprised to hear that despite being on the road, I still find time for my running, swimming, fitness, nutrition, etc. When I travel, although I am spontaneous and will take people up on offers that might deviate from my planned activity (as you should when you travel), I will always make sure to carry on with everything I love in my day to day existence. If you’ve read any of the blogs prior to these travel updates you’ll know that my true loves are running, early mornings and looking after my health and wellbeing through proper nutrition and that lovely sleep thing us animals do.

Before we set off on our travels this time around, my mum made a comment that stuck with me. She said, “you’re a funny human being Ben”. I asked why and her reply was “you love existing in your bubble, except instead of staying put in your bubble, you just take it with you wherever you go.” In a lot of ways this is true, when we travel, Laura and I continue to get up at 6am, run and swim in the early morning, we go on hikes and do as much outdoors as possible and then we tend cook our own food and make the choices we know are going to leave us feeling good. Don’t get me wrong, we take risks and we go a little wild now and again but for the most part we just know ourselves well enough to know what floats our metaphorical boats.

Porridge and travelling.

Why am I blabbing on about this instead of giving you the update of what happened next on our journey? Because the morning after our day wondering Gengenbach and discovering Offenbergs’ incredible sports complex, we did what we always do. First off, we woke up nice and early (6am alarm) and went for another run along the river which was just down the hill from our Airbnb. A tidy 14km for me. I don’t know why but I rarely run anything below 13km as 13km takes me exactly an hour at a comfy pace. Then we made our porridge, again without the chocolate as we were on our second day of the sugar detox. Then instead of just cracking on with the 3 hour drive to our next destination, which by the way we had booked hastily the night before after realising we had no more nights booked at our current location, we headed straight to our new favourite pool complex in Offenberg.

We spent most of the day relaxing by the pool, getting a few lengths in or 60 we headed to our next destination after lunch. We were a little clueless as to where to go next. Our plan for the trip was to head to Austria but every time we checked the weather app, Austria was forecast cooler temperatures and rain. The weather gods had made it clear that our time was to be spent exploring more of Germany so we decided to head slightly further north. Just incase we decided that after our next destination we would want to explore any further north. After a few podcasts and a little snooze, we arrived at our next destination – Schwabisch Hall. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to explore the city upon our arrival as it was late but we could tell we were in a good place. Our Airbnb was just outside the city, the top floor of a lovely farm cottage along a cycle path that lead along a river straight into the heart of the city – my morning run’s route sorted.

I wish this was our Airbnb…

We headed to the supermarket and cooked our own Nachos. As in, we bought tortillas and then baked them in the oven to create the tortilla chips, refried the beans and layered up the cheese and veg. One of my many “big meals cooked in Airbnb’s with tiny kitchens”. I should start a YouTube or Instagram with that title, too bad I no longer use social media.

Anyway, I’ll fill you with the next day’s activities tomorrow. Until then…


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