30 days, 10 songs: Days 28, 29 and 30

Here it is, the final post about the epic 30 day challenge and it’s more grizzly details. I feel a little emotional writing this but nowhere near as emotional as I got at the end of the challenge on day 30. The day of writing this is almost a week since the challenge has finished and yesterday I felt the full effects of withdrawal that come along with not having a challenge to focus on. So much so that I’ve actually set myself a new challenge which involves creating bespoke artwork for each of the 10 songs and then auctioning these off for charity. Check out my social media’s for the detailed update on this: http://augustradioproject.com

From one challenge to another…

Anyway, let’s crack on with this last post and deep dive into the story of how the final song, number 10 or ‘I’m Listening’ as its called, came to be.

Day 28

Finish line syndrome took a full 180 degree turn on day 28. Where I had been struggling with song 9 because I was so near the end of challenge that I felt like giving in, song 10 I had felt the complete opposite – with the finish line insight it was time to give it my all.

On the morning of Day 28, as I do on all mornings, I was journalling. I always write ‘How am I feeling?’ and then jot down my answer. I love it because I can be as open and as honest as I want, nobody but me reads my journal. Journalling for me isn’t about documenting for the sake of reading it anyway, it’s just simply to state how I feel in words so I can observe that, sit with it and become okay with it. It’s a really liberating activity and I highly recommend it – it certainly beats scrolling Instagram. Anyway, on Day 28 I simply wrote – listen.

In meditation and mindfulness we speak about listening and observing our feelings, but also listening to others with full intent. It’s something I’ve been practicing a lot recently. To listen and now even react or try and form an action to what I’ve heard or observed, but just to simple listen. On day 28, it was just ringing round my head so when it came to writing the song, I already knew what I wanted it to be about.

The African style marimba loop in the song is an Apple Loop which I just felt was so different to anything I’ve ever used before that I had to base the song around it. As I said before, my energy going into this song was full and with that finish line in sight, I put my all into writing a song that I’m really proud of. By the end of Day 28 I had a full demo that I loved the sound of.

What a wild month.

Day 29

With a demo in the bank, day 29 happened like all of the second days of the three day process that I’d been refining throughout the month. I set up my recording equipment and got to recording a better quality version of the song ready for the release the next day. I had planned on changing the lyrics that I’d written the day before, especially in the verses but as I was singing them, I decided that I liked the simplicity of them. They say exactly what it is they need to say.

I actually spoke about this in my most recent podcast, so after you’ve read this go check it out: https://anchor.fm/august-radio-project

It was a good day, easy and pain free. Although, a little bittersweet due to being the second to last day of the challenge and the last song I’d be recording as part of 30 days, 10 songs. Like all things, it had to come to an end.

Day 30

Like that, the last day was here. I woke up feeling emotional and couldn’t quite believe the rollercoaster of a ride the month had been. I am so stoked that the whole thing is documented across the songs I wrote. July 2020 is month I will never forget and I will be thinking of it in years to come when I play these songs live.

I released “I’m Listening” and was blown away by the feedback, people are so supportive and it humbles me every time. Thank you for reading this blog and thank you if you check out the songs. They are all out on all relevant platforms, below is the video for ‘I’m Listening’ so make sure you give it a ‘listen’…

Blogs will now continue to be about everything and anything which I must admit, I’m pretty excited about.

Speak soon,

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