Seasonal Affective.

I try my best with the seasons. I really do.

The seasons are always changing, think about it.

Typically, I tend to find that the apprehension of the colder and darker seasons arriving is worse than going through them in real time. As winter approaches, here in the UK, the light comes later and fades earlier, it’s colder and it typically feels more grey. Now I have talked before about linking emotion and mood to the weather but in the case of season changes, its definitely something that affects people on a deeper level. The surface emotions do not apply to the season changes and it doesn’t tend to be my daily mood that is effected but my overall wellbeing.

Lately I’ve been feeling the switch and this is something that occurs routinely at this time of year and has done most years of my life. Only, for the last 3 years at least, I have tempered off the change by touring America with Ghouls. Heading to Florida for a few more weeks of summer and letting the change pass by undetected by my deeper being. This year however, I am not heading anywhere and instead I’m feeling the funny sensations that come with such a change.

Now I am not down or depressed, I am generally having a pretty good time in ‘life’. This time of year isn’t a bad time of year and I actually really enjoy the epic sunrises I get mid-run in the mornings. I also enjoy the sharp frost that enters my lungs as I pound down the river, it’s frankly my favourite time of ear for running. However, I still get this deeper sense of unease and low of energy from knowing that the daytime is getting shorter and the air is getting colder. Its not that I find myself doing less, it’s just I tend to find I have to push harder and motivate myself more. Which, in some ways is a good feeling, but in some ways I long for the excitement and opportunity that comes with the apprehension of spring and summer.

So long summer 2019.

I wouldn’t call this seasonal affective disorder as I don’t feel it is a disorder and in a more spiritual way I think we are all part of a much bigger picture when it comes to seasons changing, so it makes sense to me that we all feel a little different during the changes.

Can ya relate readers? I hope so. Let me know what you think of it all. Also, here’s the Ghouls song I wrote about it a few years ago…

Muchos Love.

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