The 100 Challenges.

Every day from the 30th November 2018 I am trying to tick one of these daily challenges.

I will tick them off as I go. 

  1. Make a vlog of your day and upload it to YouTube.
  2. Read an entire book.
  3. Write a short story.
  4. Go to a shop I’ve never been in before and buy something I don’t have.
  5. Post a picture to Instagram every hour I am awake.
  6. Go the whole day without coffee.
  7. Go the whole day without talking.
  8. Invite a friend that I haven’t spoken to in over a year for coffee.
  9. Write, record and upload a song from scratch.
  10. Climb a mountain.
  11. Tweet every hour that you are awake.
  12. Go busking in Cambridge City Centre.
  13. Go out wearing the dungarees you bought 2 years ago and have not yet worn.
  14. Do a painting on a canvas and give it away.
  15. Make a piece of art and sell it.
  16. Make a wearable piece of clothing and wear it.
  17. Cycle to London.
  18. Bake a cake and give it to someone.
  19. Give a gift to a complete stranger.
  20. Make someone a 3-course meal.
  21. Design a logo for a company and send it to them, telling them it’s theirs to use.
  22. Write a song for someone else to sing.
  23. Volunteer for a day.
  24. Run a sub 3-hour marathon.
  25. Complete a half-Ironman in one day.
  26. Enter a full Ironman.
  27. Bench press 100kg for 3-5 full reps
  28. Re-string all the guitars.
  29. Make a travel vlog whilst in Estonia.
  30. Record a song a day for a whole week. (on-going for 7 days)
  31. Run 10 miles every day in January for charity
  32. Be someone’s assistant for a whole day and document it (pictures and video).
  33. Stay in a local Air BnB for no reason.
  34. Buy something in an antique store.
  35. Take a picture every hour you are awake.
  36. Go a full week without chewing gum.
  37. Go to another new country
  38. Turn down a good sounding offer
  39. Take up a bad sounding offer
  40. Eat at the fanciest restaurant in town in a full suit
  41. Pretend to be really important for a day. (Smart dress, sunglasses, attitude)
  42. Buy Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  43. Run an old route in an old haunt. (Where you used to live)
  44. Go back to university just for a visit and speak to an old lecturer.
  45. Walk somewhere high up to watch the sunrise.
  46. Run 3 times in one day.
  47. Speak to everyone you see in one day. (At least a “hello”.)
  48. Buy a daring clothing item and wear it.
  49. Record a TED-style talk and upload it to YouTube.
  50. Try and get a shout out from someone famous.
  51. Go a whole day without looking online/at the phone.
  52. Go 3 days without a phone or going online (on-going for 3 days)
  53. Cycle a considerable distance (over 150km in one day)
  54. Climb Ben Nevis
  55. Learn a cover’s set of songs.
  56. Go to the book shop and buy a book that sounds awful.
  57. Read the awful book in one day.
  58. Book a solo gig.
  59. Play a solo gig.
  60. Buy a new water bottle.
  61. Confess a lie to someone.
  62. Do a food challenge.
  63. Play a board game.
  64. Win a prize.
  65. Go to a library and read a whole book in the library.
  66. Watch back to back films at the cinema.
  67. Go a day without spending any money.
  68. Take Mum and Dad out for a meal.
  69. Break a minor rule.
  70. Try skiing.
  71. Write down every single thing you hear in one day.
  72. Eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
  73. Do a full day of porridge bowls for every meal (sweet & savoury).
  74. Get on TV
  75. Order something random on Wetherspoons app for a random location.
  76. Make Pizza from scratch again.
  77. Tell something I’ve never told anyone on the blog.
  78. Take myself out to dinner, by myself.
  79. Make a comic strip and upload it.
  80. Run a half marathon before work.
  81. Complete a retro playstation game (Crash Bandicoot) for nostalgia’s sake.
  82. Arrange and have a party.
  83. Get a haircut without booking.
  84. Go to a surrounding village that I’ve never been to.
  85. Go a whole day without typing on a computer – manual writing only.
  86. Take a train somewhere for no reason.
  87. Try a new cuisine.
  88. Plan the worst day ever.
  89. Do all the planned activities for the worst day ever.
  90. Sleep outside for one night with no tent
  91. Meet a hero/inspiration.
  92. Go to a gig at the corn exchange.
  93. Learn all the songs in an old copy of Total Guitar.
  94. Throw out/sell useless items that are laying around.
  95. Create something out of useless items that are laying around.
  96. Buy the goddamn new Garmin watch.
  97. Go a full day without using the car.
  98. Sneak on top of a building, get a photo of the view.
  99. Plan the best day ever.
  100. Live the best day ever.