30 days, 10 songs: Days 22, 23 and 24

Blimey, I need to catch up with these posts! Today (the day of writing this) is day 30. Final day of the challenge and I’m feeling incredible, not to mention a bit emotional, it’s been a real challenge and the month has flown by. my favourite thing about this collection of songs is they really tell the story of July 2020. The ups, downs and roundabouts of emotions, decisions and general life. It’s going to be a nostalgic road every time I play these songs.

This was taken on the 11th July. How far we’ve come since then!

Anyway, on with the blog posts which means we need to throw is back to about a week ago. Days 22, 23 and 24 which resulted in song number 8 – “Inside of Me”.

Day 22

Unlike the previous 3 days, my mind had calmed and clarity had sunk in by day 22. Back on the energy of the challenge with this new found sense of freedom due to the goings-on in my personal life. Day 22 started much more usual to the format of the challenge day; I gathered my recording gear, set up in the bedroom and pressed record to see what magic might come out.

Theres something so beautiful in just giving yourself time and space to create. Just to make something. Much like a child takes play dough to form a little model (probably closer to reference a kid playing Mario World these days but you get the idea), creating for creations sake is how it should always be. It’s been one of my favourite things about the challenge as a whole, the added pressure of having only 3 days is good because it means you have to focus.

The night before I’d been talking to Laura who had challenged me to write a song about the Universe and the planets. This was my attempt, though it took a bit of a diversion as when I sat to write the lyrics on Day 22 I was looking at poems and quotes about the universe. My Yogic journey lately has led me down the path of spirituality and the idea that we are all one – everything in the universe vibrating through one energy force. A lot of the quotes and poems I read had a similar meaning so I guess thats where the lyrics for this song came from.

Day 23

As I’ve just mentioned, this song came together much more cohesively that Jigsaw (song 7 – check the post here). Day 23 was a simple case of record that song. Not much to say other than I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

A very typical thing for me to do is to write a song that goes a little to high in my singing range and this song has a bit of that in it. I recorded it as softly as I could, partly because its high in the chorus but also because it goes with the feel of the song.

Day 24

Again, easy day. Make the videos, upload it to social media and then bam – post post post! Successful song. The only problem on Day 24 is the dread of knowing I had to come up with a fresh idea the very next day. Only 2 more to go I told myself, little did I know that days 25 and 26 would create a narrative that meant song number 9 nearly didn’t happen…

We’ll save that for my next post though…

Check out the song “Inside of Me” below and you can download all the songs from Bandcamp. Depending on when you’re reading this, the songs may be up on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc too.

Muchos love.

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