30 days, 10 songs: Days 19, 20 and 21

Okay okay okay. So I’m a little behind on the blog. It’s been one of those crazy weeks, a lot has happened. It’s a very exciting recipe with a hint of stress and a garnish of electric energy like I’ve never felt before.

If you want to know the full story as to why I feel like this, then you’re going to need to check out Episode 5 of the podcast where I reveal all: https://anchor.fm/august-radio-project/episodes/August-Radio-Project-Podcast-Episode-5-eh34a8 (alternatively you can just search ‘August Radio Project’ into your desired podcasting platform.)

Days 19, 20 and 21 seem like a little while ago now as it’s currently Day 27 but I’ll do my best to recall how these went.

Day 19

I honestly don’t even remember what day of the week or what I was doing on this particular day, luckily I keep a daily journal so I have some references.

The day before I’d released ‘The Shuffle’ – a song that I feel really stands out amongst the rest. Firstly because of it’s groovy groove and also because it’s a lot of fun. This meant that when approaching song 7, I came up short on what direction to take.

My first initial thought was to write a ‘riff’ song. A riff, for those of you that want to know, is a melody usually played on an instrument such as a guitar that is a significant memorable part of the song. An obvious example would be the guitar intro to Deep Purple – Smoke on the water. Writing a significant riff is something all guitarists in the rock genre strive to do. With song 7 I wasn’t necessarily looking to write a significant rock riff but a song based around a riff as apposed to based around a vocal melody or chorus.

I think it being song 7, I was finding it hard to come up with something. After a few hours of drawing blanks, I decided to take some time away from the screen and give my head some space. Creativity is like any part of the body, overuse can cause injury or in this case nothing, which is not ideal in the middle of a song writing challenge.

Day 20

Day 20 was the day that my significant life event happened – as i said at the start, you’ll have to listen to the podcast for details. This meant I was on fire. When you make a change to your life, one that actually alters the entire course of your path, you get an incredibly exciting feeling which is definitely a combination of good and bad nerves. This gave me all the fuel I needed for the creativity of writing song 7. Perhaps though, a little too much energy. I found that I was over doing it and I think when you listen to song 7 you can kind of tell.

Being that Day 20 was the second day of the three I give myself to write, record and release the song, it meant that the song needed to be recorded ready for release. This meant writing the idea/demo and then immediately recording it later that afternoon. It did mean that the processed was slightly more rushed than usual but I don’t feel it effected the end product.

After an electric day combined with rollercoaster of emotion, the song was finished and ready for day 21 release day.

Day 21

More electricity, more news, more altering the direction of life. Future me definitely somewhere cheering me on yelling “YES, this is the best decision you’ve ever made”. I’m holding onto that thought as it’s definitely going to get me through any doubts I have. Anyway, with the song recorded, Day 21 was a simple case of upload and chill. Except no chill due to having to record the podcast, which by the way is where I am revealing my news so go check it out – link above.

Anyway, the song “Jigsaw” was the song produced. I think it might be my least favourite personally but it’s still good and I’m proud of it. Every time I play it I get the feeling I’ll be reminded of this crazy week.

Blog about days 22, 23 and 24 will hopefully be up tomorrow and then I can get back into rhythm with the song releases (sort of).

much love,

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