30 days, 10 songs: Day 1

July 1st. It’s here. The song writing challenge I dreamt up about 4 days ago has officially started and its the end of day 1.

I plan on doing daily entries on the blog throughout this entire month to keep you all up to date with how its going. Plus it means I can be lazy and copy and paste parts of this blog for my social media updates. I am seriously useless at social media but this challenge is a means of getting better.

“How’s it going then Ben?”

Going into this challenge, I haven’t exactly been preparing a massive amount. I write songs a bit like most artists; here and there unless the pressures on and there’s a focus like an album release coming up. It’s partly why I decided this challenge would be a good idea – to really getting the creative flow going and get more material up online. If I’d given myself a few more days before starting the challenge, I might have formed a few ideas to go off just incase I get stuck but that wouldn’t be as much of a challenge. So I guess preparation was spot on.

Today started a bit slow, I had about 3 ideas all going at once that didn’t seem to be cohesive. This is usually the point that I feel like most creatives just give up but like anything, this is the point you have to persist. So much of creativity is just pure focus – it’s about committing the time. I think thats easily forgotten when you’re creating and forming ideas.

As time went on I found an idea that I felt worked. I particularly like it because it has that ‘intro’ first song kind of feel. Releasing these tracks is obviously on my mind and this being the first one means I want it to have those first song qualities. Lively, big and fun are words that come to mind.

The groove is cool, it has a head bop feel and immediate energy. The lyrics and subject matter are typical me, personal business, but they’re quite general which I hope works.

So far it’s just a skeleton demo but tomorrow I plan on refining and recording it properly ready for Friday’s release. Then, Saturday morning it’ll be back to square one to do it all again – 9 more times. So exciting!


This challenge has been inspired by athletic and endurance challenges, to be honest it certainly feels like one. Day 1 done. Good times.

Make sure you’re following along: http://instagram.com/augustradioproject

Keep living the dream.

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