30 days, 10 songs – Songwriting Challenge July

In this wild time we find ourselves in, there’s been plenty of ups and downs. One of the ups I’ve found in lockdown/corona-life is that my creativity is on fire. So, inspired by my athletic challenges, I have decided to take on a 30 day songwriting challenge through the month of July.

The concept is simple, 30 days to write, record and release 10 songs – specifically a song every 3 days. Every 3 days a song will be up on YouTube as well as Bandcamp for you to download. At the end of the challenge I will release all 10 songs as a mini-album which will be out on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

I will be documenting the whole 30 days on Instagram (http://instagram.com/augustradioproject) so you can follow my creative processes, how I make it work and what I use to record/create.

There will still be a live stream every Friday at 8pm as usual and I will also be doing my weekly podcast which is out every Wednesday.

SO get excited for plenty of new music, plenty of Instagram stories and a very creative month.


A little deeper…

So the above is the post I put out on all the August Radio Project social medias. Here’s a blog post going a little deeper into why I am doing this project, how I intend to go about and what I’d like to get out of it.

“Start with why…”

– have you ever heard that? Watch this if you haven’t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPYeCltXpxw
Why am I writing 10 songs in 30 days? Well like I said, my creativity is at an all time high. I have had the time over this lockdown period to really going into my thoughts; reflect and analyse how I feel. It’s made for a soup of ideas that I just need to get out there. It’s why I’m blogging again! There’s a school of thought around ideas being their own entity that arrive into your head space as a means of trying to become a real thing and I feel that sentiment at the moment. It’s as if the ideas needs to be put out into the open or I am doing some form of dis-service to them.

I am also up for a challenge that requires me to be online and give people an insight to my creative process. It’s something that I personally feel that we do not have enough information on. The truth is, there is a process when it comes to creativity, it’s not something you either have or you don’t – it’s inside all of us and I spend a lot of my time trying to get that message across. Through this challenge I will hopefully inspire and inform some people on how they can be more creativity and feed that energy.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain one as an adult.”

Pablo Picasso said that. The truth is I wanted a title/quote for this section where I am going to spell out how I intend to execute this challenge but I really like the quote.

So every 3 days I write, record and release a song. I will develop a routine that will be something such as: day 1 – writing/ideas/inspiration, day 2 – write/record/mix and day 3 – upload/release/final additions. Seems simple enough but I’m sure the daily adult activities will be making their rude intrusions. For someone who also participates in sports/athletics challenges, the secret is organisation and prioritisation. Like my morning workout and evening meditation, these activities will be wormed into my daily routines and prioritised.

Instagram is where people have the chance to follow along on the journey, I’ll be filming regularly on Instagram stories to ensure maximum insight into the challenge. It’s something that I feel I need to do more of – I am somewhat of a social media fiend who tries to stay offline as much as possible. However, I am also a modern day human being trying to build an online portfolio and following. This challenge offers the perfect opportunity to explore and build my online following with a real intent as apposed to just aimlessly scrolling. I am excited.

‘What if I fall? …What if I fly?”

My intentions are simple, to complete this challenge and end it with a body of work I can be proud of that sends good sound vibrations to your ears. All the work I produce will be up on Spotify, Apple Music, etc and will offer August Radio Project fans (which I hope you are one of) songs to listen to and learn ready for live shows.

Let’s fly.

Get ready for a creative July and let’s have some fun.

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