Rad breakfasts.

Big stacks!

It is going to take some getting used, opening a blank WordPress entry and writing whatever comes to mind. I actually really dig the new WordPress layout so shout out to them for the update. I’m not sure when they did this update as it’s been so long since I was writing regularly so sorry if it’s old news.

I want to shine some light on whats been going on in my life recently. If you’ve read previous posts then you’ll know that through my fitness and health based activities, I have a passion for nutrition. Not just a passion for how food fuels my activity but also how to make food that is tasty, good for you and has looks that serve all instagram purposes. Well funnily enough, my nearest and dearest Laura V also has a passion for this. So much so that she has started an online business in which her passion for good nutritious food is at the forefront.

When Laura and I met, I was very much set in my porridge oats for breakfast routine. After our incredible trip to one of the most memorable cafe’s in Tallinn, Estonia called “Kovik August”, Laura became an advocate for porridge breakfasts too. More on the details of that story can be found in my post about it.

Literally a life changing breakfast.

Before lockdown life meant we both were working from home, Saturday morning had a ritual in which we made a ‘rad’ breakfast together. A ‘rad’ breakfast for us can be defined as something that isn’t our usual weekday overnight oats from a Tupperware container. These consist of oat based pancakes, baked oats, home-made granola and even experiments such as oat-based french toast. Luckily, lockdown life gifted us with the opportunity to do this every single day.

For the past 3 months we have enjoyed an incredible breakfast every single day. We have made a real ritual out of it, ensuring all the love and care is taken whilst making, presenting and then enjoying the food. The yogic teachings all tell on how we should connect with food as it is quite literally fuelling your body and mind and I feel like Laura and I have nailed it. The premise for us is simple, we use pretty much the same ingredients every single time but with different outcomes. Laura’s new business does a great job of documenting all of our creations and she’ll soon be launching her website full of recipes on how you can create them too.

Here are some pictures so you get an idea of where I’m coming from. All the food is delicious and super nutritious, benefitting both of us highly in our athletic and everyday output. The care and attention, as well as love, can be tasted and felt in the food. It’s been a huge part of coping with the mental aspects of lockdown life as it has kept us in routine and brought us ever more together every single morning. If you want to see more then check out Laura’s instagram.

Smoothie bowls.
Oat based muffins.
There’s oats in there somewhere…

Rad breakfasts are no longer just for Saturdays, rad breakfasts are for life.

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