Oh okay. It’s 2020 and erm, there’s a lot to say.

Oh erm, well, hello again.

This is like greeting an old friend that I haven’t seen in a while.

There’s so much to say about everything that’s happened since November (which is when I last posted) that it almost feels like I should say nothing at all. I don’t even know where or how to start to be honest.

I guess the best bet is to begin with now and tell you why I’m all of a sudden posting again. Well, after some discussion and some useful procrastination, I have decided that it’s about time I shared a little more of my life on the internet again in the hope to inspire and also get my little writing fingers back to fitness.

That’s right, I’m posting again and posting regular updates on my life and everything else. Let’s get cracking shall we, time to catch up – bring you up to speed.

So unless you’ve been living a true nomadic lifestyle and have been lucky enough to escape societies clutches, you’ll be aware that a pandemic spread across the globe and put us all into a new situation. I must say, lockdown has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has given me all the space and time I truly needed to reflect on my life and its priorities. Through this I have started new projects, had new ideas, feel more creative than ever and had a chance to really dive deep into memories that I’d forgotten existed. I must admit, I am rather enjoying it and definitely do not plan on returning to the way things were. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying that it can stay like this forever but I do like to think that others have learned lessons from this period that they will carry over to whatever is next.

So what has been happening… here’s a list of things that you need to be aware of in order to be up to speed. These are in order of importance not chronological to time.


My biggest news is I am back making and playing music under the name August Radio Project. AND I AM AMPED!

My new project is my solo adventure and I have already released my first single which you can listen to right here:
I also live stream a show every Friday at 8pm on Facebook and Instagram as well as putting out a weekly podcast every Wednesday. My new EP will be available on a date in August and I will be sure to keep y’all updated.

Links: Spotify, Instagram, Facebook


I now rock rad hair. Well, it’s currently in an awkward half-way stage but I’m growing it out. What’s that got to do with the heading? Well, yoga has well and truly taken over. To the point where, and don’t let your jaw drop too far, I haven’t been running in 3 months. 3 whole months where my primary focus has been yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I have been doing sprint intervals on my turbo (bike) and I have been doing crazy kettlebell workout’s 5 times a week. I also have found a love for jump rope and have recently ordered a multifunctional pull up bar for callisthenics.

Why did I stop running (for now)? Well the London marathon got moved to October from April and for a little while I’d just felt burnt out in running, eager to try something else. I have done a yoga flow every day since March 17th and I have no plan on ever stopping. I have also (nearly) completed my goal of becoming a qualified yoga instructor. I actually graduate my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour course this week! Expect online yoga classes very soon.

Running hasn’t disappeared though, just on hiatus.


She’s the most beautiful person, both physically and in spirit. Laura has launched her online business and it’s the best thing. Self Tula is her yoga, food, healthy living, travel and lifestyle online business. It gives a great little insight into both her life as well as mine especially due to the fact that we both share those passions.

One significant shift that I have noticed recently is how we are moving further and further away from the classic ‘desk job’ mentality. A lot of people I know strive for the more self-driven job, working remotely and using work as a way of influencing and inspiring. This is definitely the start of something really big for Laura. In the same way that I hope my new music project, this blog and a whole range of other creative endeavours that are either beginning or yet to start become something big for me.

Check her out on Instagram: @self.tula

What else?

Well, I’m not sure where to start. There’s all sorts of little intricacies that I could let you in on but I feel like I’ve gone through everything that is the most important. Perhaps I’ll just have to tell you more as time goes by. Like meeting with an old friend, sometimes not as much needs to be said as you’d first thought.

Just know that I’m back. Writing again. Feels good.

Expect another post in the next few days.

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