Caffeine free.

This is absurd to be writing a post about this but for me, and a lot of people, this is a big deal.

For the past 8 days I have had no coffee and therefore no caffeine. And, well, I feel amazing. I feel incredibly energetic, I no longer get an afternoon ‘crash’ and I feel just as creative and amped up after my morning exercise as I ever have. It’s weird. What is even more strange is that I have felt absolutely no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. There was scare stories of headaches and fatigue but I have had nothing but crystal clear thought.

Feelin’ new.

The story goes a bit like this… Last Saturday, my 5 year streak of not being ill or sick came to an end. I was wondering the streets of London, on my way to meet a friend, when all of a sudden I was struck by a terrible gut pain and excessive sweating. I knew things were not good so made the decision to take the train home, during which I deteriorated further and further into sickness. Once I made it home I had no choice but to get in bed, which is where I mostly stayed all the way through until Monday afternoon between intermittent bathroom breaks.

This wasn’t a nice experience and I’m glad its over. This week I’ve been living with the ‘feeling normal is so nice’ vibe, it feels good. However, on the Sunday during a window of feeling ‘slightly’ better, I tried to have some food and a coffee. I figured the caffeine might help me out slightly. Upon sipping the coffee I was immediately repulsed and promptly had to head to the bathroom. Since this moment, I have not craved or even really been tempted by the idea of a coffee. This is strange because I’m a self proclaimed coffee addict.

A new favourite it seems.

It is strange to be writing this post but I genuinely feel great about it. Now, I don’t think I’ve given up coffee for good or caffeine for that matter. I do think though that I am no longer an addict and that I can foresee many benefits to not feeling that I depend on it. Perhaps I will give it up completely? I’m not sure yet. My plan is to not have it every day and not have it much. Let’s just see.

Feels good to know I can break these habits if I want to.

Speak later guys.

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