The plight of the morning runner

I get up at 5:40am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I get up at 6:20am on Saturday and Sunday. On Wednesday I get up at 6am on the hour. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and either Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both) I run. Other than your usual bathroom antics and a quick drive to the gym car park, it’s the first thing I do. It’s my favourite way to spend the first few hours of my day. On Wednesday and the other weekend day that I choose, I swim. Swimming is my second favourite way to spend the first few hours of my day, although I prefer the lake/outdoor pool over the indoor pool. Unfortunately lake swimming season is now over and also the nearest lake to swim in nearest to me is quite far away.

Picture no. 1 from this morning’s run.

Why am I spewing this all onto the internet? Well because I honestly love those first few hours. Most people, upon hearing the way in which I prefer to start my day, say things like ‘why?’ or ‘how?’. The problem with my reply to those questions is, unless you’ve done it, you’re never really going to know. Running is a drug and I am addicted. Fully addicted. With no plans on quitting, ever.

The best answer I can give someone who doesn’t understand is this: If every day is started with a run, then everyday is guaranteed at least 1 hour of my day that is only mine; my time to think, my time to be outside, my time to push myself through something that isn’t easy, my time to relieve myself of anxiety, my time to put my plans into perspective, my time to have ideas, my time to be in the moment, my time to take in the world around me. I could go on and on.

Picture no. 2, actually taken post-Run.

Sometimes I fit some speed work into the 8/9 miles that I always commit to. This I try to do at least twice per week but I usually do it on days where I know there’s going to be stress or pressure. My theory is, if I start the day with something that is mentally and physically hard then anything else that comes my way will be easier to deal with as I’ve already proved myself that morning.

I don’t think running is for everyone and I am not someone to push people into things that I do. This isn’t a post telling you to start running 9 miles every morning. This is a post explaining why I do it.

Happy Monday yo.

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