Run a load of miles and something for Charity.

Okay so last year on the 15th September I wrote out 10 goals to complete within a year. Now, this Sunday is the 15th and I plan on doing some sort of 1 year on post with a new set of goals for the year ahead. However, whilst sitting in my planning time on a Friday afternoon having done all my planning for next week and marked all the learner’s work because I’m a G who has a work rate of a sub 3-hour marathoner, I’ve decided to touch up on two of the goals from that original list.

A rare sighting of Laura running.

I love ticking off goals and it’s been a while that I set myself one officially so here goes for 2. One the ‘original 15th September 2018’ goal list were two goals, of which I didn’t complete, that I’d like to set out on getting done in the next month or so. One was run 100 miles in one week, which is a life goal, and the other is to do something for charity. So, I will combine both and run 100 miles in one week for charity.

Now, running 100 miles in one week for me isn’t all that hard, at the current moment I average at about 70/80km per week, which for those of you that don’t know the imperial to metric conversion (bless you non-runners) is roughly 40-50 miles per week. This means I need to double up my milage, which shouldn’t be too hard as I actually only run 5 out of 7 days a week, swimming on the other two. The plan will be to double run on the 5 days and then run instead of swim on the 7 days. All going well I think I’m going to start this challenge on Thursday 17th October and then finish it on Wednesday 23rd October.

The very common sighting of me running.

I will set up a gofundme page for a chosen charity and my aim will be £100 British pounds. I’m amped for it and I love an excuse to run a bit more.

I hope you’re up for it too.

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