If that’s moving up then I’m moving out.

Oh my god. I finished the Euro trip blog entries. So here I am just writing a good old fashioned post where I ramble about something or other until it forms into a format that sort of makes sense.

So a bit of a life update from me:

1. After the Euro trip I went to France on a family holiday.
It was lush, the weather was good. We had a house in the south of France near a coastal town called La Ciotat. Fit with a pool, mountain backdrop, view of the ocean and trails/paths off in all the directions. We swam, we hiked, we kayaked, we ate gastronomical delights and fulfilled every sense of gluttony. I still have abs because I understand science and love fitness too much. It was a good time. I even got a bit of a tan which is something that has only really happened in later life.

Okay, I’m pretty white here but this was like the first day

2. I then returned to work.
This year I have a slightly better role. Better in a professional sense but also better in a personal sense as I get to do even more of that I like with the students. I no longer have to teach anything that I don’t understand so it’s less winging it and more just doing it. It’s nice as I don’t have to think as much and I don’t have to prepare as much as I know a lot of it already. The students are a good bunch too which is always a bonus. I’ve come to the conclusion that my job title should be “Teacher of enjoyment” because I literally teach those in supported learning ‘how to have fun with music technology, drama and performance and creative writing’. It’s cool.

Views never get old.

3. I’m moving out.
Finally. It’s happening. Laura and I get our own place. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind and it’s sort of just came out of nowhere with what felt like no planning. That said, 2 months ago we were about to buy a house and be proper adults. Now, we’re renting and avoiding the adult thing at all costs. I can’t help but feel that the way the economic climate is headed and the uncertainty in the future that we might be making the right decision. The overwhelming optimism inside me seems to tell me so anyway.

Porridge everyday doesn’t change.

4. September gives me that ‘set some goals and cross them finish lines’ kinda vibe.
It’s almost a year since I wrote the ’10 goals for 1 year blog’. Likely my next entry or at least a few entries time could be the ‘1 year on’ blog post, in which will come some new goals. I love this time of year for setting new challenges. I can’t wait to put them in motion and push outside the comfort zone into a realm I’ve yet to be in.

5. Yoga.
I’m absolutely obsessed with Hot Yoga. I love it. I’m going 4 times a week and I would honestly go every single day if I could. It’s my favourite discovery since I discovered my love for running and running is literally my favourite thing ever. Take a look at every single blog post I ever write and you’ll know I love running. So you can only imagine my sheer thrill over discovering something that I would almost say could end up being an equal love. Hot yoga is incredible and I highly recommend you try it.

I have some new outrageous yellow runners.

Ah, I like a good old fashioned blog post where I get to ramble in written form for a bit. I’m going to try and stick to daily but we’ll call it ‘as daily as possible’.

Catch ya tomorrow maybe.

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