Euro trip day 19: the road never ends.

The last day of a road trip is always a funny feeling. I tend to get this sense of nostalgia over the fact that the trip is almost done. It’s a bit like wondering what your place of work will be like once you’ve left, how people will react and what will be said and done in your absence when you’re never to return. Travel, adventure and road trips are at the forefront of my priority list so its not so much a nostalgia over the fact that I won’t be out on the road again, it’s more a feeling brought on by the particular road trip. Every adventure tells its own story with lessons it taught you and discoveries you made. I can always pin point lessons I learned to the exact adventure I was on when I learned them.


Our last day was a good one. We woke up nice and early, as per usual, and hit a swimming pool that we’ve visited a few times now. Every time we’re in Belgium, its a staple spot as its the closest lane swim to the family dwelling that we stay at. The pool was busy and the lane got a bit clustered. It’s my only qualm with swimming, sharing a lane is not ideal whereas with running you get those roads all to yourself. Even if there are other runners about, there’s plenty of room for all of you. It’s another good thing about swimming in lakes. Anyway, we had a good swim and it prepared us for what I can only call a traditional looking Belgian breakfast.

Oh my poke – interior.

Laura’s family always put on a splendid breakfast spread. They clearly have been going to the same bakery for a long time and there’s reason behind it. The pastries are so good that they make it so you wouldn’t want to get pastries anywhere else because you know they’re never going to be good. I don’t often not have oats for breakfast but as a one off, I can have 3 and a half pastries, bacon and a generous helping of cheese…

After our gluttony we said our farewells, soon to be returning soon I;m sure. We had a few hours to spend in Belgium before heading out to Calais and getting the ferry home. We’d decided to visit the city of Ghent being that it’s my favourite city in Belgium and one of my favourite places on earth. It’s so underrated and I wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for my time spent touring Belgium in the band. It just happened to become a really significant place for the band, some of our best shows and my fondest memories stem straight out of the city so it only made sense to show Laura.

Poke is life.

We wondered the city centre’s rich culture and looked into a few of its quirky vintage shops. It’s so cool. I highly recommend a visit to anyone. I saw a couple of venues that I’d played and was filled with nostalgia and even got a little emotional. To aid this we even ran into a Belgian friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a little while. It felt good to be there and it honestly felt hard to leave. We stopped off for lunch at a place called “Oh My Poke” which did delicious Poke bowls. Majorly fitting to be eating incredible food in an incredible city. Also, if you don’t know about Poke then you need to get yourself familiar. Although Poke needs to be fresh and it needs to be done well because bad Poke is not just bad, it’s horrific.

We sat in a trendy looking vegetarian coffee shop with my Belgian compadre and talked about old times and what the future looks like. It was a good way to end the trip, telling stories about the trip and beyond. I had this overwhelming urge to quit my job and life back home and just stay there the whole day. It’s pretty usual for me to feel like that at the end of the trip, its not even that I dislike my life back here or that its bad because its not. The complete opposite is true, I enjoy life here and I have a good job. It’s just that I can never really shake off the feeling that I want more, to go to more places, see more culture, to live elsewhere, to work different jobs, inspire different people as well as myself. I don’t think human beings were made to stay in one place, we’re a migrating creature that used to pilgrimage across the world to find the freshest and most vibrant places. Only in the last 200 or so years have we been settlers, the previous tens of thousand years we roamed and didn’t stop.

If you haven’t ever travelled then you need to experience it. If you have then you’ll understand. Go out and learn about the world and more importantly, learn about yourself.

Tomorrow’s update will not be trip related. This is the last entry of this series. Thank you for reading.

Signing out for Euro trip Summer 2019.

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