Euro trip day 15: Stranger towns.

Travel always has its ups and its downs. Most of the time you spend on an absolute high, experience a better education than any school could provide, making memories that will last longer than any mundane work week and putting life into a perspective that only makes you realise how much you don’t want to settle and become part of the zombie hoard. However, on every road trip, tour, adventure or travel holiday I’ve been on, there’s always a day or two that just feels meh. Most typically they’re days where you have to do a lot of driving or transporting around. It’s tiresome but it’s necessary.

Ritter Sport Porridge should be a sport (or an art)

We woke up in Winterberg, took to the hills for a run and to shake off the previous night’s ice cream sundaes. I never exercise because of what I’ve eaten or do I ever relate food to exercise. I like to eat well as it improves my athletic performance but if I do eat a massive sugary treat then I don’t then feel the need to over-exercise. I just thought I’d throw that out there incase you thought we ran because of the ice cream. We’d run either way, we’d ice cream either way. Anyhow, it again was another run where my legs were reminded of how much elevation changes the game. So good for training purposes, good for the mind too. I love running for many reasons but the mental cleanse is so often forgotten about.

The fields of Kleve were a lot flatter than what we’d been used to.

Anyhow, this followed up with our first non-detox breakfast. Yes, thats right ladies and gentleman, the sugar detox week was done and we decided to celebrate with a Ritter Sport porridge mix in. Going with the OG which is the Alpen Milch flavour. I think it might be a favourite of mine. It’s definitely my favourite chocolate in terms of plain bars. There’s something so good about Ritter Sport and I think its the simplicity of the ingredients. They don’t add anything that isn’t necessary. You can read the ingredients list on one line and you could identify each one with no problem. Anyway, it makes for an incredible porridge mix in.

We then hit the road to head to our next destination which was east toward the Netherland’s boarder. We’d chosen this destination as it meant less travel to get back towards the homeland as we were coming to the tail end of our trip. The journey was easy and we arrived just in time for lunch. Easy peasy. We were greeted by our new host who was a very typical German farmer who went by the name of Hans. We were staying on his Alpaca farm, juts outside the city of Kleves. We decided to use the afternoon to explore the city and, I’ll be honest, Kleves is a weird place.

Found some hilarious Fanta flavours.

I grew up in a town which isn’t far from Peterborough called Huntingdon. Huntingdon is also a weird place. I guess I just never thought about the fact that places like Peterborough and Huntingdon might exist in other countries. The points of interest were nice enough but it was the people that really got me feeling strange. In all honesty, they were the zombie hoard that most less-known cities and small towns contain. The dreary rabble of manufactured goods consumers. The people that can’t look away from their phones and don’t ever appear to be doing anything with any real purpose or intent. It left both Laura and I feeling odd. What an odd place. Lucky for us we were staying a good distance out of the city in the safety of our Alpaca farm, surrounded by fields and forest.

We headed to the supermarket and then cooked dinner. The usual night in for Laura and I. Like I said a few posts ago, theres nothing wrong with taking your bubble with you… Anyway, thats where the day drew to an end. I know, one of those days. I guess there’s weird towns wherever you go.

Catch ya later amigos.

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