Euro trip day 13 – Winterberg Ski Resort in August?!

I guess our time in Pflullingen had us craving the wilderness and absence of city dwellers as the first thing I searched for when looking for our next destination was remote places with trees and hills that weren’t the Black Forest. I read a few reviews online about Winterberg being a particularly good spot in summer as it is typically a ski resort that is heavily visited in the winter season that becomes a secluded wilderness in the summer. Perfect! Our next destination was sorted and onwards we headed.

We spent our last morning in Pfullingen doing a shorter version of the hike we’d accomplished the previous morning, only this time we didn’t go all the way to the Wackerstein view. Still, the vertical gain was enough to bring on a sweat and after a quick 25 minute HIIT workout once we’d returned I was ore than ready for another daily dose of oats. I love porridge so much. You’ve probably established that by now though.

Found it.

Once we’d fuelled our bodies and minds, we hit the road for Winterberg. Now if you look a few posts back you’ll see that we took a visit to the Ritter Sport factory and made a plight to buy as much chocolate as we could possibly justify spending money on. We’d also tried to acquire as many unique flavours as possible but whilst passing through a service station on our journey, we discovered a rare find in the Ritter Sport realm. Before we left for the trip, the only way we had tried any flavours of Ritter Sport that aren’t found in the UK supermarkets were by ordering them online. On one of our orders, we’d tried to get the Speculoos flavour but had been unsuccessful. So it was with great excitement that I turned to Laura when I discovered one laying in the back shelf of the service station’s selection.

Balcony views. Views never get old.

Rare Ritter Sport in hand, we arrived in Winterberg and decided to stock up our shop. It was a Saturday which meant that we had to acquire the food for the next day too as in Germany everything is shut on Sundays. Winterberg was a lively town with many people out and about. Having been surrounded by people in our previous accommodation we headed straight for our Airbnb which was in a little village just outside Winterberg itself. What we’d signed up for was a nice remote place with more trees than people and thats exactly what we got. Our apartment had a balcony with a view and just below us was a water sports lake complete with gym equipment, running/walking trails and a swimming area – paradise!

Looks like halloumi and hummus to me.

I forget the details of what we did then but I presume we went on a walk though we must have left our phones as there is no photo evidence? I then assume we cooked an incredible dinner and then ate it overlooking our lake and mountain view from the balcony. Much more our kind of style.

Stay tuned for more adventure tomorrow.

Until then, Auf Weidewiesen.

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