Euro trip day 12: Lichtenstein Castle

Did you miss me? Did you realise I was gone? No posts for a week (and a bit)! Why? Because I’ve been on holiday of course. I know, yes, I’d just got back from galavanting my way around Germany, of which I am currently in the process of trying to blog, but I then went to the south of France for a proper ‘relaxing’ holiday. During this lovely week away I took as much time away from the screen as possible, simply only using my phone as a navigation aid via Google Maps. The rest of the time I did no screen looking, no blog writing and I am still cold turkey from social media gazing since July 1st 2019. Go me.

Anyhow, now I am back and actually also back at work. This means that during my ‘nothing much to do’ breaks at work, I can update the blog on all the goings on in my life. First though, I will continue on with the Germany posts seeing as I am half way through the road trip updates. It would be a shame not to finish them off.

On top of the world.

So the last update left our adventure having just arrived in Pfullingen, a city on the foot of the Schwabisch Hills. Our accommodation, as mentioned before, was a little built up for our liking so we woke up nice and early to hike to the areas most famous viewpoint. A tidy 5km away from our stay, and an incredibly good workout due to all the inclining vert, was the Wackerstein viewpoint. It made for the most rewarding morning hike of the entire trip as I hadn’t much looked at pictures of the breathtaking view from the top. I also hadn’t expected it to be our highest peak of the trip, standing at 830m tall. As we walked out from the tree cover my peripherals were filled with nothing but endless view and I honestly wouldn’t shut up about it for the rest of the day. It’s a must see if you come to the area and I would highly recommend getting up early to do it as there we didn’t encounter anybody else up there or on the way for that matter.


After our excursion to Wackerstein, we fuelled up on a lovely bowl of oats (of course). Again, sticking to our sugar detox and replacing any chocolate goodness with some earthy cacao powder. Once our energy replenished we headed to the famous Lichtenstein Castle, which is heavily featured on Instagram posts. It is described as a ‘fairytale castle’ due to being built based on a castle from a fictional poem/story by a famous Germany writer. You’re probably better off doing your own research on it as I didn’t really take it in whilst I was there. Although it was an impressive build and came with another beautiful hilly view, I was a bit disappointed to find out it wasn’t an authentic medieval castle that happened to look like it was from a fairytale. Instead, its built for purpose which kind of gave it a feeling of being false or not authentic. It’s a pretty building either way.

Cool but could be cooler.

After taking a few pics of the castle, we walked across the hills to a cave that we had read about in one of the guides at the castle’s shop. We took a chance and decided to pay the entry fee to as tends to happen when you’re travelling without any real plan. It had been a long while since I had last entered a cave and, unlike the castle, I enjoyed the authenticity of mother nature’s creation. The underground networks of caves always intrigue me and all the mystical, slightly creepy looking, shadowing stalagmites and stalactites make me feel like I actually could be living in a fairytale. Although the temperature drop left me feeling the cold, I really enjoyed wondering around the Nebelhole. Which is about 4km walk from Lichtenstein castle.

After walking back from Nebelhole, we naturally were absolutely shattered from all the walking we’d done. Again, being the morning wonderers we are, we just hit the supermarket to make a rad dinner and ended the night with a couple of prison break episodes and deciding where to head to the next day… Stay tuned for the next update to find out what happened!

Peace and love.

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