Euro trip day 11: The best plan is sometimes no plan.

The beauty of having no real plan as to where to go next means you can go wherever you please, the problem occurs when there appears to be too many options and you cannot come to a decision. Especially as you draw more towards the end of the trip, although at this point we still had a week and 2 days to go. We had enjoyed our time in Schwabisch Hall and it was very pretty but, as we experienced on the next morning’s hike, it lacked steep inclining hills with views of vast dense forest and that was how we gauged our next destination.

Hiking on a dirt road.

We awoke nice and early, with us being us, we followed our day of being on our feet with a morning hike up a nearby hill which was good but unfortunately didn’t great us with any incredible view. Still it was a nice way to start the day and, of course, we followed it up with a good ol’ bowl of porridge goodness. The next destination we had chosen actually saw us head back south. As I have already said, we had planned on going to multiple countries on this trip but had found that the weather and beautiful landscape meant we stuck to Germany. Our next adventure lead us to the foot of the Schwabisch Hills or the Albs as they’re known locally. It was about a 3 hour drive which could only mean one thing…

Whilst hiking I came across a orange slug…

After our porridge goodness, we packed up and checked out of a farm dwelling. Taking to google maps, I sourced out the nearest outdoor pool, which Germany has a vast amount of. We completely fell in love with these outdoor sports complexes. They always featured a big open 50m lane pool, diving pools and separate leisure pools for all the kids. The one that had been relatively local to where we were staying was where we ended up and we couldn’t resist tanking out a few km’s in the 50m pool. Again, we sunbathed and read our books, taking in the air and subtly people watching. I can’t say much about what people were up to but there were certainly some characters at each of the pool complexes that we ended up in.

After our relaxation, we headed the 3 hours to our next destination which was, as I said, at the foot of the Schwabish hills in a city called Pfullingen. We’d also chosen this destination as it was only a 15 minute drive from Lichtenstein castle which we put on the itinerary for the following day. Our accommodation was a little interesting and by far in the busiest neighbourhood out of everywhere we stayed. It featured a hilarious underground car park where your car was on a movable platform. We did wonder whether we’d be seeing it again after our nights sleep.

Pita pizza for dinner.

Not much more to say about this day other than we cooked a delicious dinner, watched Prison Break and went to bed. Good times.


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