Euro trip day 10: You can’t beat old wood.

I was listening to Joe Rogan recently and he said you can’t beat old wood. He was referring to railway bunkers at the time, saying how its hard to not appreciate a solid piece of oak. The brute strength combining with the elegance of how nature constructs these monumental structures that we so rarely appreciate. You can look at a tree’s cross section and see all the minuet details and then stand back to witness how that detail morphs together to create this solid structure. Old buildings made of such wood are hard to not appreciate and admire too.

The next morning, after our excursion from the south of the Black Forest all the way into the more central Schwabisch valley, we started as we always do; running along the river from our farm yard dwelling into the city centre and back. A tidy 13km, 1 hour on the feet to get the blood going and my body ready for the day ahead. This was of course followed by refuelling with our favourite porridge oats. Again, void of any refined sugars as we were taking this detox very seriously (although neither of us eat much sugar in our non-detox lives). Again, much like our previous night’s dinner, our ‘serious porridge’ was made using our hilariously small farm yard kitchen.

Along our walk into the city there was a lot of corn. We debated taking some for dinner but thought we better not.

We then headed into the city of Schwabisch Hall which was rich with history and incredible looking buildings. It had some absolutely astounding views to accompany the unique traditional German buildings, all stemming from the 1100-1300’s. The centre of town features a church which boasts a large staircase that during the summer is used as a stage for open air theatre. Unfortunately for us there were no shows on during our time there but we did use the stage as seating for our lunch. Another unique building was the concert hall which was once the tallest building in the region and had been used as a corn mill back when it was originally built. I quickly fell in love with the city, it was reminiscent of Cambridge or Canterbury and a place I would highly recommend visiting.

The town hall.
Appreciate that old wood
Views never get old.
Talking during the selfie.

We had walked the 6km into the centre from our Airbnb, so naturally we walked the 6km back. All the walking combined with our early morning run meant we were fully fried by the time we got back so we made an incredible looking dinner and hit the hay. As you can probably tell from these posts, Laura and I aren’t evening people, substituting the evening party life for the early morning sunrise exercise. I know most people in their mid to late 20’s are probably still staying up late into the early AM’s but I much prefer to have slept before I see the singular numbered hours.

Anyway, until tomorrow when we continue the adventurous tale of our European adventure which, as you’ve probably established now, turned into a German road trip.


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