Euro trip day 6: Use ya bug spray.

Another day in Bad Herrenalb meant another morning run toughing out the sharp inclines of the Black Forest’s hills. A solid 13km run had the legs burning and the heart pounding, which of course had me smiling as its my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

Traditional Germany looking traditional.

The beating down once again on the balcony of our Airbnb, we finished off another bowl of oats as its the best and only breakfast that I’m interested in on a regular basis. This time we changed it up by adding some classic Black Forest cherries which had looked particularly appetising in the supermarket the previous day. Our Ritter Sport mix in of choice was chosen from our ever ending collection that we had acquired the day before at our factory visit, which meant we had to go for something unique that we had yet to try. Cornflake flavour it was seeing as it seemed appropriate for breakfast.

Undeniable goodness.

After our gastronomic delight of a breakfast we headed out on a nice long hike. It ended up being a solid 12/13km round trip with some hilariously off-path moments which I don’t think were supposed to be on the route but again, I was sort of making it up at the same time as following the map. One thing that really struck me on this particular hike was how quiet the Black Forest is. Although it is a relatively well known spot (probably more thanks to the gateau) I just thought it might have a fair few more visitors but perhaps its more of a winter spot? We were definitely one of few tourists in the area and there seemed to be no sign of any British people. I had absolutely no complaint though, thats definitely the way I prefer it. Also, we had got so badly attacked by bugs on the last few hikes that this time was made all the better as we had made sure to apply our bug spray before setting off – game changer.

I see trees of green…

Although they aren’t particularly German, we really took a liking to chickpea wraps on this trip. They are super convenient, cheap to make and great on a hike as you can keep them in your bag without worrying about them spoiling. We munched them down for lunch mid-way through the walking whilst looking at a view of the beautiful green trees.

In the afternoon we headed to Bad Herrenalb’s famous thermal spas, which had been a recommendation from our Airbnb host. I’m not sure it was all that to rave about but it was relaxing and again, we were one of few people there. The other guests however were very much all about 30 years older, never mind though – perhaps we’re just old before our time.

For dinner we experimented with using a German sausage that I picked up from the local section of the supermarket. It read something about a local butcher and farm but I wasn’t really able to understand. Either way though, it was delicious. A delicious end to a delicious day.

You’re probably starting to think that Laura and I like to do a lot of the same thing and you’re right. We do prefer to keep to our routine, especially with exercise and food. You may think us to be boring but I would argue that we just do what we enjoy whilst we’re on the road. Why would you not partake in the routine you enjoy in what is supposed to be the most enjoyable time?

Living the dream, for me anyway.

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