Euro trip day’s 3 & 4: Welcome to the Black Forest, Germany.

4 days into this 3 week trip and I have remembered how easy it is to miss out a blog post through the sheer amount of ‘doing other stuff’. The truth is, when you’re travelling you want to spend as much time outdoors and exploring as possible. This means time spent sat typing into my iPhone writing one of these posts is at an all time minimum.

Anyhow, onwards with the updates and less about my first world problems. Yesterday we woke up in our abode on the Cologne outskirts and sought out a swimming pool for a crystal clean morning 3km swim in a pristinely kept German swimming pool. Top work Germany, didn’t expect anything less. We then of course, returned to the Air bnb for our morning oats. Now the Ritter Sport chocolate jackpot that we stumbled upon the previous evening meant that there had to be a feature in our porridge. We went for the usual mix-ins with an extra of Alpenmilch flavour Ritter Sport, which is the OG of the flavour choices.

Yummy porridge.

We then hit the road for a 3 hour trek to our current destination, Bad Herrenalb which is located in the north of the Black Forest region. It’s a beautiful, remote-ish town with a traditional and historic decor. It’s dense with trees and hills, Laura and I are right at home. After a walk around the centre and a trip for supermarket amenities, we settled into our new Airbnb apartment which is by the way, absolutely incredible. Good thing too, as we are here until Sunday. We cooked some traditional German green beans and German sausage chickpea medley. Packed full of vegetable goodness to look after our bodies.

Vegetable goodness.

This morning we woke up early, as usual, and went on a morning run. I hit a tidy 13km with some not-so-tidy hill ascents. It’s going to be great staying here as it’ll mean I get right into hill running shape. We then made our oats, this time featuring the Ritter sport with cornflakes. Incredible breakfast for an incredible day.

Ritter Sport for ever.

We then took off on a morning hike which had some spectacular forest views, a frog and a cliff edge photo shoot opportunity which we felt obliged to participate in. (This meaning we took some photos on a cliff edge).

We then headed to Bad Herrenalb’s shwimmenbecken which features a 25m pool fitted with diving boards. We spent most of the time people watching and basking in today’s glorious 35 degree heat. The day has finally reached an end and that is why you lovely people get this blog post to read. The only other feature that needs a mention is today’s lunch where we made a cured meat salad with a pretzel from the local bakery. Spot on.

Stay posted people. Speak soon. BG.

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