Euro trip day 2: Lake Zilvermeer, Belgium.

I’m laying in a lovely bed in an Air Bnb with a Ikea-decor somewhere just outside Cologne, Germany. Travel life is well underway and I’m right in the routine already.

One from this morning’s 14km 🏃🏼‍♂️🤘🏻🧘🏼‍♂️

This morning we woke up at my girlfriend’s (and travel companion) grandparents house which is in a town south of Brussels. After the first run of the trip, a tidy 14km, we made to our first porridge breakfast which consisted of our staple mix-ins; banana, strawberries and blueberries. Our ‘extras’ were chocolate covered raisins and almond butter (for me, Laura isn’t a fan). I’ll be making sure to keep you in the loop on our porridge breakfasts as they are a staple for Laura and I.

After a little family catch up, we headed to one of Belgium’s hidden gems – Lake Zilvermeer. I was first introduced to this little nugget of endless-summer paradise back in 2016 whilst on a tour with the band. We fell in love with the silver sands and swimming lake and returned every year since. It was an absolute joy to return and show Laura the delights, as well as the hilariously borderline on health and safety law slides. As she pointed out, the best part about being there is most of the people who are there are clearly locals and there’s no tourists anywhere in sight. Today was a particularly good day to go due to the 34 degree heat.

After hours of sun, swim and savage slide skills we headed to where we are now. We aren’t city people so we’ve decided that we aren’t going to waste any time exploring the tourists spots. So tomorrow it’s straight to Bavaria, after exploring the local swimming pool’s early morning lane swim tomorrow.

Tonight’s dinner was also one for the ‘meals made in tiny Airbnb kitchens’ hall of fame.

The only other story I want to tell you about today is that our trip to the supermarket involved hoarding as many different types of Ritter Sport chocolate. Laura and I are both huge fans and be sure for it to feature as our porridge ‘extra’ in the coming days.

Until tomorrow y’all. BG

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