Euro trip: Day 1 – the start.

July was a funny month to decide to be “offline” (I’m currently three weeks into a social media detox which includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). The reason being because this month my girlfriend and me are travelling Europe. For the next 3 or so weeks we are darting around the continent, hitting up countries with the priority being the wilderness. Our experience travelling around Italy had us decide that the touristic city spots just aren’t where we belong. In the words of Bilbo Baggins, “Mountains, Gandalf. I want to see Mountains.”. So that’s exactly what were doing.

The excitement is real!

Today is day one which means a travel day. We aren’t setting off until later so naturally today has started with a 10 mile run and I’m soon off to a hot yoga class, which by the way is a new found passion. I have been to 4 hot yoga classes in the past week and I am already hooked, definitely something I plan on continuing with when we return. Anyhow, after packing our provisions (I still haven’t packed anything) we are headed to Belgium this evening. Our priority is to get south as soon as possible so I can’t say we’ll be hanging around in Belgium for too long. It’s somewhere both Laura and I are very familiar with and we have friends and family to visit.

From Belgium we have planned to visit Cologne, Germany before heading south into the Bavaria region, which we have booked an Air Bnb in the infamous Black Forest from Wednesday to Sunday. After that we have yet to have booked anything but we have some ideas.

I am going to try and blog every single day and fill the posts with pictures, mainly for selfish memories but also for your entertainment. Also, it works very well as a documentation of the trip, especially seeing that I intend to stay off social media for the foreseeable future.

Also, here’s a picture of my breakfast yesterday. I subbed my usual oats for this coma on a plate. It was incredible. Shout out to Stack and Still in Glasgow.

I love pancakes.

Anyway, off to Yoga.


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