What does your “ideal” look like?

For whatever reason, today I wrote a full page in my journal about what my ideal “job” would look like. I am by no means unhappy in my current job, however I do often think about the fact that life ends and we get one chance to do whatever we want to do and that one day it would be nice to just do life exactly as I please. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty close now but I just envisage this ideal scenario and today I decided I’d write about it.

I often have this vision of being sat at this desk except it’s for “work”.

Now this is just about the job, not about how my ideal life would look, obviously the job would mean I get to run everyday, workout, travel, be alone sometimes, etc. I am focusing predominantly on the activities that the job would entail and where those activities would take place.

It must be ideal for someone whose ideal job is one that fits the exact description of a job that already exists. I mean, I suppose theres a counter argument here but if your ideal job was to be a doctor then there’s a nice obvious path to take in order to become that doctor. Now I know becoming a doctor is no walk in the park and from stories I’ve both read and heard from medical professionals that I know, its just as difficult and competitive as becoming a professional athlete. However, the reason my ideal job is not compatible is that there is no job that currently exists that fits it description. It’s not a job that has a clear trajectory, one where I simply build up the qualifications and experience then apply for it on Indeed.com.

Set a goal, make it happen.

It’s this reason, though, that makes it my ideal job. See, my ideal job would be one that feeds into each one of my interests. Let me deep dive into this self indulgent ocean for a bit and tell you about my ideal job.

My ideal job is being a valued creative. First of all, I want a studio/work space, similar to that of someone such as Casey Neistat except mine would have music recording equipment instead of cameras, arts and crafts material over DIY tools and it would most definitely be in amongst mountains or on the coast – I’m no city dweller. On a daily basis I will be creating. The creations will be made up of music, songs, writing, artwork, blog posts, motivational advice and therapy. These creations would create the job, the job would be these creations generating the income and my creativity would be valued. There would be no manager to dictate, I am the manager of my own creativity – yes I will work freelance for companies and collaborate with fellow creatives but I would not have to adhere to any rules and regulations set by a work superior.

Pretty rad sounding job right? The questions I am now asking myself is where to start? Like I said in yesterday’s post, I am a firm believer in “anything is possible” and I know from training and running that if you set out on a goal its simply a process of working consistently towards that goal but how do you work towards something that has no clear path? I guess thats what I have to figure out.

Until next time compadres.

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