2 weeks off social media.

Do you ever look at other people and wonder how on earth they manage to get by? This last week I’ve been making plans, trying to organise life a bit and just generally getting my shit together. I like to plan, I like to know what it is I have coming up. An empty diary is one of my worse nightmares but luckily with my get-go motivated spirit, its very very rare that I ever have to look ahead at blank pages. Any time I have experienced high levels of anxiety or stress, it has always been as a result of me not feeling as though I have control over my plans. However, this doesn’t mean that trying to plan and organise life doesn’t come with a list of complications. It does make me wonder how people who make absolutely no plans or attempts to organise themselves get by? I suppose most of them don’t though, partly why there’s a large amount of people just bumbling about without much of an agenda.

Today marks my second full week without going on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I must say, it was actually a lot easier this week than last. I think due to the fact that I have had less opportunity to surf the web. My good old teaching job meant that I started my summer holiday on Wednesday and me being the organised planner that I am have been busy with mostly outdoor and health based activities (could you have guessed?). This weekend I was away in Sheffield and made a point of not going on my phone unless it was for directions or to take a picture, which is partly why there’s been no blog update.

No social media is easy when you’re busy doing better things.

This week has also been easier than last, I think, due to the fact that the longer you are without something the less you feel you need it. The sudden impulse to pull out my phone or open a new tab on chrome when I find myself in a moment without much to do has been easier to control and gradually over time I have found that the impulse isn’t actually there. The truth with social media is that, like a lot of modern life activities, it is not a necessity and therefore overcoming the addiction of it is more of a simple task than that of an actual necessity such as food or sex.

I do wonder what will happen and what I decide to do once July is over and (if) I haven’t used social media for so long that the absence may just mean I continue without for the foreseeable future? Who knows?

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and that you’re doing what needs to be done (with a bit extra).

Happy Monday.


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