Today’s post is dedicated to the feeling of excitement. Probably my favourite emotion; the apprehension before a situation that you have high expectations for. Now, maybe the expectation doesn’t always live up to the reality of what actually happens but what doesn’t change is how joyful and pleasurable that feeling is beforehand.

Find the things that excite you and appreciate it.

Being sat in an airport, prior to boarding a plane, comes with its fair share of emotive rides but one feeling you can’t deny is the excitement of the holiday or travel or adventure that is about to entail. Eating at a restaurant, having just ordered your food, awaiting the meal that you are about to feast upon, the sheer pleasure from the excitement of when you see your plate arriving to your table. Seeing the finish line of a race in which you are on for a personal best time, you know that there’s very few factors that would prevent it from happening, the feeling of knowing it’s coming and in a matter of steps you’ll be there. The moment before you step out on stage in front of an audience of people who are in that venue specifically to see you, the sheer apprehension of how it will feel just to walk out and be greeted with a cheer of affection over nothing but your presence.

Excitement can sometimes be a better feeling than the moment itself. It needs to be appreciated and you need to ensure you embrace it when it comes. It might come mixed in with nerves or panic but focus on it being there and let it fill your body. It’s not wrong to get excited, no matter how small or big the situation that is evoking that emotion.

One of my favourite things about being me is that I get excited about so many things, big and small. I get excited before I go to sleep at night because I know when I wake up I get to go running. I get excited whilst I run because I look forward to how good it will feel to shower and use some fantastic smelling shower gel. Excitement over my morning porridge, about the opportunities of the day, about the lessons I could learn that day, over my gym session, excitement in conversation about deep subjects with my good friends, excitement over seeing certain people after a full day of living, excitement over just getting to relax and not let my brain be occupied by any thoughts whatsoever, the list goes on and on and then often just repeats itself.

Get excited and start appreciating the excitement, it’s an incredible feeling.

Day 7 of no social media today and as I said in my last post, it’s Sunday at midday – this is a challenging part of the challenge. Lucky for me, in about one hour from now I’ll be out the house and far away from any social media opportunities.

Happy Sunday.

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