No social media – day 2.

First day of no social media is done and I feel all the better for it. A bit like running a race, the start sets up the rest of the challenge so I know by getting through this first week, I’ll start to find it easier and easier. That said though, I didn’t really find yesterday difficult. Podcasts and audio books filled the time nicely and they’re so much more mentally stimulating than any YouTube video or Instagram post.

This picture has no relevance to this post but I thought I’d stick it on here.

I started listening to Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week book and I am already very intrigued. See, I like my job, I genuinely do. However, I do think that humanity as a whole is going to need to shift this idea of working 40 hours a week on a Monday – Friday structure at some point soon. Technology is advancing and its taking over the mundane tasks of the day job. I also think it’s going to take over education and change the education system. I say this because those who teach in education are mainly older people who are falling behind when it comes to learning new technology and those who attend the education facilities (students) tend to be the ones who know how to use technology and understand how to create new technology using the technology. This, in my opinion, will result in the students having to educate the teachers and therefore switch the entire system on its head.

For me personally though, I want to understand the alternative concepts to the 9-5 jobs. I don’t want to be rich, I don’t even really want to change my life; I’m genuinely happy with everything I do. The book intrigues me because I feel I can use the information to my advantage and build on it whilst keeping my current lifestyle. I can also use it to educate others through my job and this blog. Learning feels good and it’s something I want to learn about.

I am so fuelled up on coffee and this morning’s run was cracking so lets see what occurs out of day 2 with no social media. I also thought on todays run that I really want to do some solo camping. Unsure as to why this is something I would like to do, but to take a few days alone with no phone or internet at all feels like the right thing to do?

Anyway, peace.

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