I don’t have time…

You do. What you mean’t to say was, “I don’t want to make time to do that”. It’s funny because the reason I’m writing about this isn’t the typical “I don’t have time story”. Last night, whilst I was watching Prison Break (I know, very late in the day but when your attention span for TV and series is minimal you take a long time to follow a series), I turned to my girlfriend and told her that my hair has just gotten to the point where I want to cut it – I’ve been trying to grow it long but it’s now out of control. She said I should just get it cut on tomorrow (which is now today), to which my reply was “no, I don’t have time”.  The truth is, I probably could have time but with everything I want to do today, following my usual routine, going to the barbers isn’t something I want to fit in.

I know that’s running stats but it’s a watch… on a post about time.

Obviously, this is not something that’s a problem for someone who loves to be organised and is generally really good with timing and making time for everything that is important to me. As far as a lot of people go, I’m very productive with my time; I get up at 5:30am, I workout twice a day, I get all my work done on time, I prioritise health and wellbeing based activities and still find time for socialising and entertainment. However, I’m not going to deny that I couldn’t do more. There’s always room to do more, it’s just whether you want to do more or if you know what you would do in the ‘more’.

Whilst running this morning I was thinking about this, it’s something I think about a lot. Why do we as human beings, find it so hard to fit more in? When someone asks why you can’t fit a simple activity such as getting a haircut into your daily schedule, why is it the immediate reply is “I don’t have time”. The truth is, for someone like me, I like my routine. My routine is a safety blanket, it allows me to know exactly what I’m getting out of my day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very good at allowing for flexibility in my routine and there are definitely days where I can be quite spontaneous, however there are a few activities during my day that are not negotiable and I am not going to flex on due to being the activities that make me feel good.

Always running.

1. Running in the early AM (or swimming for two days a week). This is my favourite time and my favourite activity and it is not expendable. When I travel there’s been times where fitting it in the early AM has been impossible due to travel arrangements, but this just means I fit it in at the earliest possible time. I was laughing at a few posts on Twitter not long ago about running on holiday, people saying that a holiday is for ‘relaxing’. Running is the most relaxing thing I do, of course I’m going to run on holiday it’s my favourite thing to do, a holiday is where you spend all your time doing your favourite things.

Wholesome nutrition.

2. Healthy eating for at least 85% of the day. When I say healthy eating I don’t mean some bullshit ‘low calorie’ option. Low calorie is not healthy, low calorie just means it’s not got a lot in it. What I mean is a plate full of good nutrition! Whole foods, fresh veggies, lean proteins, complex carbs and plenty of it. Having a large caloric intake on a daily basis obviously comes with its perks but one draw back is that if you’re not in control of your food choices (someone is cooking for you or you’re eating out) you can end up not eating enough, especially when you know you want to be eating good food. I’m generally very good at combatting this as I always make sure I’m prepared or dictating where it is I am eating out.

Sleepy sunset.

3. Sleep. I go to bed at 9pm every single night. I like going to bed at this time because I always get up early and I like early wake ups. My favourite time of day is the early AM. Nothing productive ever came out of a late night for me, I will always have my best ideas and best creations in the early AM. I don’t compromise on my bedtime, the only exception again being travel but even then, I want to be asleep by 11pm. This year I don’t think I’ve seen past midnight at all, I plan to keep it that way.

These 3 are what keep me happy and what keep me going. If I “don’t have time”, it’s most likely because I don’t want to compromise one of these activities. Obviously, theres commitments such as work and planned family activities that have limited compromise but part of the reason I have the job I have is it allows me to do the 3 above!

Lucky for me, I’m getting my haircut tomorrow as I don’t work on Saturday and Sunday so have a lot more expendable time.

What activities always take priority for you? How do they benefit your life?

Think about it.

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