Do you consume ‘junk’ thoughts? Do you have mind ‘obesity’?

Junk food. It’s called junk food, I think, because junk refers to waste. The reason its compatible to waste is because nutritionally it’s a waste. Now, I’m not here to demonise foods and tell you whats bad and whats good for you. I’m just explaining the concept behind nutritionally hollow foods because I heard a very profound comparison between ‘junk’ food and ‘junk’ thoughts. A junk food has no nutrition; it goes into the body, but instead of giving the body sustenance and nourishment, it does nothing for it. In a lot of cases it deprives the body of good operational function which, is the reason we should be eating food in the first place – for operational function. A junk food has no reward for the body other than the momentary mouth and taste pleasure.

Sometimes the momentary mouth pleasure is justifiable…

Junk thoughts are the same concept except instead of food I am referring to thinking. Cognition is a essential to living but how many of your thoughts are rewarding to your mind? On a daily basis our brains are subject to an incredible amount of information but there is good information that is rewarding and inspires us or forms great ideas and conversation but there is also ‘junk’ information. As we get deeper and deeper into this world of staring into screens, the information we see is mostly meaningless jargon written to keep us fixed to the screen. This is a problem. We’re in a state of mind obesity. We are addicted to an operating system that tells our brain it needs to keep looking or reading but with no reward. The same way you crave that junk food, you crave your phone screen and the junk that comes with looking at it.

When you start eating healthy, your body starts to find itself craving good nutritious foods. Junk food is easy to resist because you know that it does not give you its perceived level of satisfaction and it actually hinders your body’s performance. We need to start putting this junk information into the same category. It’s time to break the habits, fight the addictions and remember that we owe it to our brains to feed the mind quality and nourishing thoughts. Put down the phone, turn off the screen, log offline and do something that your brain will get some real energy off. Read a good quality book, watch an inspiring film, have an uplifting conversation, draw or paint, meditate, do any number of these activities without distraction from your phone. Nourish your mind, give it healthy information and thought, you owe it to yourself.

No looking at the screen whilst running.

I am as addicted as the next person but this junk information epidemic needs to be thought of as exactly that. This isn’t a joke, this is a serious matter and things are only going to get worst if we don’t look at this as a serious matter. Mind obesity is happening. It’s time to keep your mind fit and healthy and feed it something good for you. |

I hope this inspires you.

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