I’m back!

Alright alright, so it’s been a minute… My last post was the 25th March and I’ve taken a lengthy amount of time off since then. However, it’s time to get back into the writing flow and keep this blog up to date. 


Shakespeare Marathon – 02:55:09 PB!

So many things have happened since my last post I’m not even really sure where to start. There’s been travel adventures, news announcements, life goals completed and a whole bunch of highs and lows that come with such times in life. However, instead of boring you with an epic biopic of stories, I thought I’d just summarise the few months into a uniformed bullet point form of significant events:


       I went to Italy with my girlfriend and we travelled the country. Starting in Venice, we spent two weeks venturing through the delights of northern Italy before heading south and ending up in Rome. Trip highlights included the freshest of dough in Verona pizzerias, too many tourists in Milan, the most epic of mountain views in Lake Como, an athlete’s portion of gelato in Florence, trail running in Piombino and finally Italian driving through the sights of Rome. 

       I ran a sub 3-hour Marathon at the Shakespeare Marathon. 02:55:09 to be specific on the chip time. This has been a life goal of mine ever since I laced up my trainers back when I started jogging around the park about 8/9 years ago. The best part of the whole thing is I felt fresh throughout the whole race, without getting cocky I think there was still gas in the tank. In true athletic style, the new goal is sub 02:45:00 but not until I complete an Ironman – that’s definitely the next athletic goal. 

       Ghouls have announced a final show and the news that we are calling it a day (hiatus). Never say never, but say never for now. It is sad that such a profound part of my life is coming to end but with it comes new opportunities as well as time and energy to put into other things. I’m thankful for every opportunity that ever came Ghouls way and how all the them shaped my life to what it is now. Without sounding cliché, Ghouls and everyone associated with the band have made me who I am today.

There’s obviously minor details missing but the three most significant things that are worth telling you about will be where we leave this post. It feels good to be posting on here again, I feel as though this whole absence I’ve wanted to post but the longer I spent time away from going on here, the harder it seemed to get back to it. Like anything in life, it’s not hard but your little brain procrastinates and you find yourself doing other things. 

One other pursuit I went on whilst I haven’t been posting on here was that I took a whole month off social media and it was nothing but glorious and refreshing, however most of that time I did think about this blog and how I really should just pursue it. It doesn’t matter who is reading it or what it’s for. Writing on here only keeps my brain activity on high and means that my writing muscles stay fresh. 

Anyway, nice to see ya guys. 

See in you in the very near future. 


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