Time off. (is okay)

In the words of Ron Weasley’s mum when her sons and Harry show up at the Burrow having flown their Dad’s Ford Anglia from Surry in the Chamber of Secrets, “Where HAVE you been?!”. That might be what you’re asking as you read this. Well, I haven’t been writing blog posts and I’m going to take today’s post as a opportunity to talk about why.

The most important lesson in life is to learn that there is no finish line. Life has no destination and is all about the journey. Its easy to say but not so easy to grasp. I’m reiterating this statement because it coincides with my point on taking time off and prioritising other areas of your life.

Running always takes priority.

This blog, my online presence, my creative output and the most recent addition to my realm of activities, the Almost Podcast, are all areas in which I wish to move forward in. To progress in something, no matter what it is, on a basic level means to grind at it and consistently do it, as long as you do that you will progress in some way shape or form. However, the fact that life has no destination and is all about the process means that sometimes backing away from the areas you wish to excel forward in isn’t necessarily a detraction from that progression.

Obviously, when you stop doing something for an extended period of time, it’s got to be expected that you aren’t going to progress in that area as much as you would if you continue to do it. However, life will get in the way sometimes and sometimes it is important for you to let other areas take priority. Lately, this is what has been happening for me.

The journey is the only part you’ll know in the end, make it a good one.

Now this doesn’t mean I’ve been flat out working on other things with no time to write a blog post or record a podcast, there’s been plenty of free moments that I could have used to do these things. However, my mindset and general goals have just been focused in other areas and this means I’ve been taking the time to prioritise them. Taking time off from posting on the blog and making podcasts doesn’t mean I’m giving up, it’s a simple part of the journey. Just like in life, it doesn’t matter how much I progress these platforms, how wide they reach, how many people read the posts and whether its an income steam or not, they are just a journey with no real destination. They will be moments where they feel like they aren’t progressing, there will be times where other things take priority but as long as I come back and maintain some consistency then the journey won’t end.

Just because you haven’t done something for a while, it doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Take time off but get back to it as and when the time suits you.

I hope these words come of some use, no matter what you apply them to.

Carpe Omnia

PS. Athletic update: Marathon training is going well, tidy 18 miler on the legs yesterday which is the longest training run of this block so far. Easy recovery swim this morning with some strength work in the gym this evening. Cannot get enough.

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