Almost Podcast: Episode 3 – its up.

Hey guys, readers of the blog, internet prowlers, friends, family and all the others. Just a quick post/update to tell you that the Almost Podcast episode 3 is now up. 

Last week’s episode which featured my good friend Leon Schwier got an incredible amount of attention compared to expectation. I mean, I should probably have had higher opinion on how interested other people would be, simply due to Leon being one of the best minds I know personally.

Episode 3 features another good friend of mine, Harris Christison, who like Leon I have known for quite sometime. Harris has an interesting story and sitting down with him and deciphering the last few years was an incredible conversation that I’m glad to have had regardless of it becoming a podcast or not.

Podcasting is definitely becoming a new phenomenon with more and more people jumping on the band wagon. Joe Rogan, pretty much the OG of the podcasting realm, said something really interesting in a podcast I was listening to a few days ago. His guest brought up the fact that, as simple as sitting down and recording a conversation with someone seems, it’s actually something that we rarely do as human beings. There’s real greatness in having uninterrupted, no distraction, full attentive conversation with someone. Podcasting offers a great excuse to do this but its something that made me really think when it was said on JR’s show. We need to be having longer, more in depth, less interrupted conversations in life.

The two episodes I have recorded with other people so far have been a solid hour to hour and a half of deep talk with two people who have incredibly interesting stories. But thats just two people in this world of billions of stories! The way you feel after having just sat with someone and talked deep and meaningfully about life, the stories its formed so far and the vision for what the future stories will be like is elating. Both podcasts left me feeling nothing but full of life.

Listen to the podcast and make sure you leave a review (especially on Apple) but also maybe make it a goal this week to sit down and have a good meaningful conversation with someone.

Today’s athletic update: I ran Welwyn Half Marathon this morning. A mid-marathon training race, I kept my pace to the splits I’m hoping for during the marathon. It felt good and my legs held up despite this being a completely normal week of training with no taper. Bring on doing twice!

Carpe Omnia.

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