Giving up the dream, cos it’s no longer the dream.

I woke up today, amplified and ready to go. I put my running gear on, drove to my usual spot in the gym car park, following a quick dynamic warm up first I was suddenly hitting some tempo miles along the pavement.

Running 💙🤙🏻

My mind is fired up today and my morning run reflected that. I’m so ready for life, more so than usual. Mostly because today I am working a half day at work and then travelling to Belgium for the weekend. Nothing opens the mind like travel!

Last night I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dorian Yates. Yates is an ex-professional body builder but his story grows deeper than just posing on stage. He’s a very intelligent guy who studied hard in his craft, not only to out perform his competition but to also out knowledge them. Something he said to Rogan whilst they were having their chat resonated with me. More so than I realised whilst I was laying in my girlfriends bed, listening to two men chat about life.

Yates said about how important progression is, that so many people go into the gym to bash out a workout day in day out but never make any increase in progression. They don’t lift any heavier, they don’t move any quicker, they don’t look any different. Now this is nothing new to me, I know how progressive overload works and I know how to train to get better at something. My whole life I’ve progressed in various skills including music and fitness based activities.

What this speech about progression made me realise is how I feel about things outside of my athletic/instrument skills. My career for example; it’s on a steady progression. I am a step above the role I was this time last year and I will most probably be a step above this role in a years time. This is a progression that is almost happening without any effort, simply because I started at a much lower level than my abilities. Therefore, those with the power to progress me want to move me up as they can see that I have skills and capabilities that can be utilised in better roles. However, this does not necessarily mean I feel accomplished about these progressions, particularly as my career path at the moment isn’t exactly what I would really like to be doing for the long term future.

Another progression I am making is growing my hair longer. A natural progression that means my hat collection is likely to grow whilst I go through the awkward mid-length phases.

The progression in my musical endeavours has come to a crossroads. A path that I’ve not yet been down is the one I’ve chose this time. This excites me as I feel like this time I have more control on how I progress in this area. If you haven’t already listened to my podcast then check out what I have to say about my musical endeavours up until now. The last 8 or so years have definitely been a steady progression but not so much how I pictured it 8 years ago. However, I openly admit in the podcast how giving up on that dream was a decision I made due to realising that it was no longer my dream.

I think what I am really craving now is a progression in my career/life that I choose. My personal life is definitely the most progressive part of my story right now. I’m about to buy a house, move in with my girlfriend and start a life of independence that I so desperately need. I’m hoping this independence will start to bring to life some opportunities to make more progression in other areas, like my career and creativity. Also, I somehow hope that both my career and creativity become the same thing somewhere down the line.

Steps are incremental and sometimes its easy to forget that. Dorian Yates didn’t go to the gym for a week and suddenly become stage ready. Years and years of working out 3/4 times a week for 45 minute sessions, paying particular attention to diet and rest, studying hard to workout the best possible ways to approach the fundamentals is what got him to his success. The same can be said for anything; career path, music, creativity, blogging, podcasting. I just have to keep my focus and ride this feeling of being fired up and ready to take on life.

Have a rad weekend everyone.

Carpe Omnia.

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