PODCAST LAUNCH DAY: Why Post-ebruary was not a failure.

Wait, but Benedict, where were the remaining Post-ebruary challenge posts? What happened? You failed!


Is that what you’re thinking? (Probably not) Well, if it is then here’s a quick explanation. as an avid reader of the blog, which I am sure you are, you will be aware that I failed to complete my “post everyday in February” challenge which I called Post-ebruary. Now, as far as the requirements of the challenge, the aim was to simply post every day in February. I managed a straight 22 days before life got in the way and other necessities had to take priority. In most people’s eyes I guess this would result in a failure.

However, I do not see my Post-ebruary challenge as a failure, here’s why:

Challenges are different to goals. A challenge (noun), according to the Cambridge dictionary, is “something that needs great mental or physicaleffort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability” It differs from a goal as a goal is something in which you set yourself to achieve, a challenge offers an incentive to achieve a goal. For example, you goal might be to run a 10km, in order to complete the goal you might undertake a challenge such as Run Everyday January in order to get fit enough to run a 10km. Understand?

My challenge was to post every day in February but my goal was to become more productive and spend less time browsing the internet and spend more time using it as a tool. This leads me to my justification as to why I do not feel that Post-ebruary was a failure.

Although I did not post every day in February, my constant online activity gave me the motivation and enthusiasm to start a podcast. Today is the launch day of the “Almost” podcast, an idea I came up with whilst writing a blog post for my February challenge. If I had not undertaken the challenge then the chances are, I may not have came up with the podcast idea. Through posting every day in February, I have completed my goal of becoming more productive and using the internet as a tool.

Now, my new goal is to really get stuck in on this podcast, to use it as a tool to meet interesting people and gain inspiration in order to learn lessons about how other people feel about their journey in completing goals and gaining success. So, first episode goes live at 12pm which is only an hour from when this post will go up. Check it all out on the link below, new podcast shows will be uploaded weekly from now on until I decide that season 1 is over.

Podcast will be live at: http://almostpodcast.co.uk
Enjoy it!

Athletic update: Still running, still swimming, still in the gym. Marathon training going well and still fully in love with running.
Carpe Omnia.

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