Post-ebruary #25: Where’s 23 & 24?!

Oh dear, oh dear. Yes, it happened, I missed two posts. The post “everyday in February” challenge has not gone to plan and I will hold my hands up with my head down without making any excuses. Well, except I’m going to write this entire post about why I missed these two posts and what I was doing instead. By no means is this an excuse, more so a justification.

Being outside trumps most things, including writing blog posts…

So if you haven’t been keeping up with the posts, I recently decided to start a podcast: The Almost Podcast. In which I am interviewing people who are “almost” successful or were “almost” successful. This weekend I interviewed two good friends of mine and now have 3 episodes scheduled and ready to go. The first will launch 03/03/19 and there will be one every week from then fourth.

On Saturday 23rd February I missed my first post of the Post-ebruary challenge. In the morning I had a nice 2 mile swim and then headed to the lovely town of St Ives to on of  my new favourite coffee spots “Little Acre”. There I met with my good friend Harris Christison and recorded the 3rd instalment of the Almost Podcast. It was an incredible conversation and honestly I am so amped up about this podcast. It’s making me so incredibly excited that I’m struggling to think about little else in terms of productivity. It is this very fact that leads me to why I didn’t write a blog post on Saturday.

I hope y’all have been catching the epic sunrises lately 🙌🏻

The sun has been shining and the weather is unseasonably warm at the moment in the UK. Saturday was the first day that I had the afternoon free to really enjoy it. As soon as my meet up with Harris had finished, and one incredible mezze platter later, I was rushing back to spend the afternoon outside with my girlfriend. We headed out on a nice long bike ride – 50km to be exact. It was less to do with fitness and more to do with just being outside in the fresh air and hot weather. I was wearing shorts FFS!

We got home later in the evening, absolutely exhausted, cooked dinner and chilled out to a nice relaxing but equally horrifying Netflix show which I’ll maybe talk about another time but it was sort of disturbing. Then we headed to bed.

The following morning, Sunday 24th, I awoke and set out on my long run after a swift espresso. Whilst out taking in the glorious sunshine, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t written a blog post the day before. The combination of the long run endorphins and the fact that Saturday had been such a good day meant that I didn’t really mind. However, this then set me with the mindset that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to prioritise a lot of other activities yesterday. Today is the first day back to work and I had a lot to sort out and prepare. Once I’d done all my work admin, all I wanted to do yesterday was get back out in the sunshine and thats what I did.

So there’s my reasoning for no posts: the sunshine always gets priority. Anyhow, back to daily posts for the rest of this week and then who knows what March will entail other than the launch of the Almost Podcast. Which, by the way, now has a website:

I encourage you to listen to the episodes when they come out and also to get in touch if you want to get involved and me interview you about your successes and accomplishments.

Running 💙

Today’s athletic update: 9 miles along the river and strength session about to go down in an hour or so.

Carpe Omnia.

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